This Is How Eating For Your Blood Type Can Reduce Risk Of Diseases!

You are most probably familiar with the quote that the food of one man can be poison for another man, meaning that each body is quite different.

Some can lose weight more quickly than gaining it, whereas others increase their weight just by consuming water!

In fact, there are wrong or right food for your organism as a result of the genetic differences.

Dr. Peter J D’Adamo, a naturopathic physician, considers that sticking to a diet and lifestyle according to the blood type is more effective than following a one-size-fits-all diet.

In other words, the diet according to the blood group involves all aspects of your health, and therefore, it can contribute to better results than following a one-size-fits-all diet!

According to Dr. D’Adamo, the perfect diets are associated with the blood types. Specifically, these diets actually depend on our ancestors’ genetic traits and also what they consumed.

- Blood Group-A

Those having this blood group are also referred to as the Agrarian. They should eat an organic, fresh vegetarian diet and exclude red meats from their diet since these people are more prone to developing diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. These people are recommended to concentrate on calming, tai chi, and relaxation and breathing exercises.

- Blood Group -B

They are called the Nomad and have robust digestive and immune systems. The diet of these people should include most meats, plants, and certain dairy products. On the other hand, they are recommended to avoid tomatoes, lentils, corn, and wheat. These people should consider practicing moderate physical exercises, for instance swimming, tennis, cycling, and hiking.

- Blood Group -AB

They are called the Enigma, and should follow an optimal diet from the blood groups A and B. They are suggested to consume eggs, beans, and seafood. It would be ideal for those people to do an exercise combination from groups A and B.

- Blood Group -O

They are called the Hunter, and their optimal diet mainly includes animal proteins. Their optimal diet can be compared to the paleo diet since it limits dairy and grains. Since they are recommended to follow a diet abundant in proteins, they should also perform intense physical exercises, like aerobics, contact sports, and running.


It is good to know that lectins, i.e., a food protein, are actually attracted to some blood types. There are some studies showing that lectins found in several foods reacted with red blood cells that clump as well as block the blood passages.

Also, it has been proven that particular blood types are more prone to developing certain diseases. Now, you probably know why it is considered that your blood types are of vital importance for your health.

It is fact that those following the blood type diet had positive experiences.

Moreover, Dr. D’Adamo suggests eliminating refined sugars since they are too harmful as well as most frequently included in the standard American diet.

This man also recommends including some exercises in the daily routine. There are studies that have shown while the U.S. population has recently been exercising more, there are also a lot of people suffering from obesity. It has been associated with the elevated calorie intake to compensate.