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In case that you are looking for an effective and strict diet regime, take a look of this one. Keep with it and you will see the benefits very soon.
The regime is strict but there are still few exceptions. For instance, you may change meat with lentils or veggies with one another.

All spices, including mustard are allowed in the diet. You could also enjoy lemon juice, coffee, water, tea and calorie sweeteners as well. As well, you could use a cooking spray for preparing the meals.

The whole regime lasts for only 3 days. In this period you will totally get rid of fat and optimize metabolic process. Go through the whole process and you could repeat if after four days.

First Day:

– For breakfast take half grapefruit, slice toast, cup of tea or coffee and two tablespoon PB.
– For lunch get half tuna, cup of tea or coffee and toast.
– Dinner is three oz meat, cup of green beans, half banana, cup of ice cream and an apple.

Second Day:

– For breakfast have one egg, half banana, and slice toast.
– The lunch should be boiled egg, cup cottage cheese, and five crackers.
– Dinner is consisted of two hotdogs without buns, half cup of carrots, cup broccoli, half banana and half cup of vanilla ice cream.

Third Day:

– For breakfast have a slice of cheddar, five crackers and apple.
– The lunch should be one boiled egg and toast.
– The dinner is consisted of one cup tuna, half banana and a cup of ice cream.

Additionally, start working out to get better results. You should look for exercises that will work best for you, but in case that you are overweight, start walking. In case that you have already started exercising, try jump rope, running, swimming and more. You could also try treadmill.

Take into consideration that lest that you have medical problems, you should consult a doctor before you start the regime.

Finally, one of the best things about this diet regime is that all products are very cheap to buy. Additionally, the meals are very easy to prepare and follow so don’t waste time, start right away.

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