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Our Bed Is Full With Harmful Bugs And Parasites And Here’s How We Can Kill Them Easily And Quickly

When you make your bed in the morning millions of dust mites remain in your bed. These bugs eat your sweat and dead skin cells and cause allergy problems and asthma. Leave your bed unmade since the light and fresh air dehydrates and destroys these dangerous bugs.

According to experts, making the bed immediately after waking up, leaves the heat, sweat and skin cells in the bed. Therefore, you should leave the bed unmade to dry the sheets and destroy the dangerous bugs.

At night, we sweat and produce approximately one liter of fluid. The sweat is an ideal living environment for the mites.

According to scientists, there are approximately 1.5 million dust mites in the bed. They are actually not harmful, but what they leave behind is the dangerous aspect of their existence. These bugs leave excretions which cause asthma and dust allergies.

Experts even advise cleaning agencies to suggest to their employers that beds should not be made in the morning. The housekeepers should leave the beds unmade for some time so that the sweat and heat dry off.

The skin cells left on the sheets while sweating during the night can be eliminated only like this. If the bed is made immediately, the sweat, dead skin cells and dust mites will remain under the sheets until we go to bed the following night.

People should make their beds after breakfast and after getting ready for the day. The sheets of the bed, including the pillow cases, should be washed every week or every second week.

If the bed is unmade, the dust mites cannot absorb water with their small glands on the outer part of the body.

The light and fresh air will dry off all the moist from the sheets and mattress, so the mites will not be able to find water and they will eventually die.

So, the experts recommend not making the bed in the morning. You can make your bed when you get back home from work instead.

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