This article will present you five incredible drinks that will help you get rid of the toxins from your body.

First recipe

Needed Ingredients:
– One lemon
– One tsp of honey
– A bit of ground ginger
– A bit of cayenne pepper
– One cup of hot water

Making the recipe:

Start by squeezing the lemon. Join the tsp of honey and stir the mix. After that, combine the cayenne pepper and the ground ginger. Lastly, pour the mixing into a cup of hot water. Decorate the drink with a piece of lemon. Put the drink into a refrigerator. After few hours the drink is ready to consume.

The remedy should be drunk two times a day. The first result will be noticed after two weeks. (1)

Second Recipe

Needed Ingredients:
– Water
– One tbsp of honey
– two tbsp of lemon juice
– ¼ tsp of turmeric

Making the recipe:

Initially boil the water and join the other three ingredients. Stir the mixture well and consume it every day on an empty stomach (2)

Third Recipe

Needed Ingredients:
– Six leaves of romaine
– ¼ bunch cilantro
– Half a lime
– One and a half cups of pineapple

Making the recipe:

Place all the ingredients in a juicer and blend it well. Drink the mixture few times a day (3)

Fourth Recipe

Needed Ingredients:
– Half of sliced Garlic
– Half tbsp of grated Ginger
– One tbsp of Orange
– One tbsp of olive oil

Making the recipe:

Mix all the ingredients and leave them during the night. The drink should be consumed the following day. (4)

Fifth Recipe

Needed Ingredients:
– One litter water
– Few pieces of watermelon
– One lemon
– a few fresh mint leaves

Making the recipe:

Put all ingredients into a blender and mix them well. After that, pour the blend into the water and merge it. Consume a glass of this juice on empty stomach, before each meal.