Get Rid Of The Dangerous Toxins From Your Body In Only One Night With This

Japan was the first country to use these foot pads. These detox pads are placed on the feet before going to bed. In the morning, the pads will be darkened by the toxins that came from the body on the pads.
The pads are placed on the feet since this aids the lymph and blood circulation into the torso. Physical inactivity slows down the circulation of blood and lymph in the feet, ankles and lower legs.

Wearing this detox foot pads will give you fewer headaches, lower the joint pain and less fatigue.

These foot pads can be bought or made at home.


  • Self-stick gauze
  • Water
  • Socks
  • Onion
  • Garlic

Chop the garlic and the onion well. Boil the water and add the garlic and the onion into the water. Let it boil for another 10 minutes.

Cool down the mixture for 20 minutes. Pour it on the gauze. Squeeze the excess liquid and stick the pads in the center of your feet. Put on socks to make sure that the gauzes do not fall off during the night. The following morning, remove the pads and throw them away.