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I have been married for past 35+years. We live northern NH in quiet little town. My husband is a SPC/QA person. We have two grow son's that live in two different parts of the country. One in Texas and other in Maine with his family.We practice Buddhism and it is Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism we have been doing this for past 35+years too. I belive everyone should have a job that wants it, healthcare for all, freedoms and liberaties for all of us. I belive when someone is wealth should help pay the taxes to keep this country growing . I belive in union because they make sure everyone will get a living wages.I don't belive one or dozen families here oversea should make up the rules for the world...Just because you have money it's doesn't mean you have the right play GOD with rest of us. We should have people homeless and sick and we should let vet live on streets and should give them a job. But everyone should have a job and make living wage. Woman should get as much as man in what ever field they work in.We should not hurt each other or harm others in other countries and we should go into other countries and take it all away from because we want it.

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