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10 Best Exercises for Eliminating Your Double Chin and Excess Neck Fat

We all fear the dreaded low-angle photo going up on Facebook, or in someone’s photo album, or even worse, framed on their wall. No matter how thin your neck is, no matter how tight your skin is, the wrong angle can make anyone feel self-conscious.

Of course, that’s really no big deal. A double-chin can be endearing, charming even. It’s a natural part of life. But if you really are worried about that little bit of stubborn neck fat or loose skin, here are a few good exercises to help tighten everything up.

The 10 Best Neck Exercises

1. Up and Over Look

First relax your neck and then press your lips together, tightening your face. Now look up and over to your right, as if you spotted something in the distance. Allow your neck to tighten as you hold there for half a minute. Then relax again and repeat on the other side.

2. Hold It

Again press your lips together, but this time take your first three fingers from both hands and place them under your bottom lip. Your thumbs should rest under your chin. Then pull down with your hands and as you feel your lips coming apart, press them back together using your chin. Keep pressing for a half a minute. Rest. Repeat.

3. Chin Terminator

Stand up and look ahead. Then bob your chin in and out without moving the rest of your body. Sort of like a goose. This exercises your jaw and firms the surrounding muscles. Try doing a dozen reps.

4. Neck Lifter

Hold your hand to your collarbone and then gently move your head in an up-and-down motion. Allow your neck muscles to tighten and relax as you do 12 reps.

5. Gravity Defier

First, relax your entire neck, breathing deeply. Then tilt your chin up slightly and kiss the air in a big, obvious motion (something like how your first kiss probably went), parting your lips way too far. Repeat 12 times.

6. Neck Elongater

Gently put both your hands around your neck and hold as you lift your chin to the sky. Hold there for 30 seconds and then relax.

7. Chin Press

Put the back of your fingers under your chin and press your chin out as you hold your lips together. You should feel resistance from your fingers, but at least they’re easier than bench presses! Try 12 reps.

8. The Fish One

Make an “O” with your lips and then suck in your cheeks, like you’re making a fish face. Then lift your chin slightly into the air and hold for half a minute.

9. Quick Fish One

For this second fish face exercise, simple make an “O” with your lips but only hold it for a second and then relax. Go back and forth like that 20 times.

10. Tongue Press

Sit down with good posture and press your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Then lower your head down and up. Do that 12 times.

Some Notes:

Of course you don’t have to do all these exercises back to back. Test a few out and see which ones you like. The good thing is they’re easy to do anywhere, so try a couple whenever you have a minute.

At the end of the day, we’re all beautiful. But if you’d like to avoid being a victim of a less than awesome low-angle photo, these exercises are worth a shot.

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