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10 Bizarre Home Remedies Our Grandparents Used That Actually Work!

How many of you have found yourselves in a situation, when you had an ache or an itch and immediately start searching the net for possible solutions? Well, this isn’t a hard thing to do nowadays, especially with all those medicines, creams and lotions available out there, which are only here to make our lives easier and better.

The advanced medicine is doing wonders and every medical problems have more or less a solution. If not a cure, you can always find a way or a treatment which will ease the symptoms and make you feel better.

However, those of you living with grandparents or living near them, have a different situation on your own. Older generation are not used to finding the answer in the pharmacy or the local hospital, they are used to finding their own solutions and cures, using Mother Nature to their advantage. Many of these solutions may seem bizarre or ridiculous, however, most of them really work!

Here’s a list of 10 Home Remedies which our grandparents are using and believe in their effectiveness:

  1. Improve your digestion with some Dried Apricots

Whenever you feel bloated or constipated, you immediately run to the nearest drug store and buy yourself something which the pharmacist will recommend, just to feel better. Well, this wasn’t the case with our grandparents.

They didn’t have so many medicines back then and they used the natural products to help themselves. For instance, eating dried apricots helps with your indigestion, due to the presence of high levels of dietary fiber. So, if you feel bloated or stuffed after every meal, then eat a handful of dried apricots and prove your grandparents right.

  1. Refresh your mouth with some Celery

Have you seen your granny chewing a gum in her life? I know I haven’t and she never had breath problems. So what’s the catch? Well, it seems that some plants, like celery can do more than a chewing gum can ever do.

The problem with chewing gums is that they are all wonderful and refreshing, but not for a long time. After a while, you still feel like you haven’t even taken a gum and the problem remains. Chewing a bunch of celery can fight bad breath and refresh your mouth. You will feel more confident and the effects remain for a longer period.

  1. Say your Goodbyes to Urinary Tract Infection by using Baking soda

Baking soda is a true miracle worker and we often come across articles with plenty of home remedies and baking soda is always on those lists. It turns out that baking soda can not only ease your problems with heartburn, but it’s also effective with those tedious urinary tract infections.

Mix some baking soda with water and you’ll feel the results in no time! Baking soda is known to destroy harmful bacteria, plus it also makes your bladder more alkaline. However, this remedy can’t be effective in serious situations, in those cases, consulting a doctor will be the best.

  1. Fight those Spider bites with Potatoes

We don’t mean this literally, throwing potatoes at spiders! However, I’m sure that most of you have heard of such use of potatoes, because potato is known to have anti-inflammatory properties and it’s also beneficial for itching problems.

So, whenever you notice that a spider bit you, or have been crawling down your leg, don’t panic because the solution is here- raw potato! Cut a slice of raw potato and rub it on the affected area, you can also use a bandage or a cloth for better results. Give it a try, because this may actually work!

  1. Balance your Hormones with Yams

-Yams are powerful antioxidants, containing high levels of vitamin C as well as vitamin A, famous for balancing your hormones, which is extremely important during the menopause. However, yams should never be confused with sweet potatoes, try to buy specifically yams and experience the real results.

  1. Ease Arthritis symptoms with Golden Raisins

Believe it or not, grandparents do believe that golden raisins are miracle workers when it comes to easing arthritis symptoms. So the next time you want to ditch these delightful little treats, don’t forget their enormous nutritive value.

Soak some golden raisins in several spoons of gin overnight and consume the drink the next day. Due to the anti-inflammatory properties, this drink reduces the pain as well as the swelling.

  1. Treat Hair Loss with Nettles

After a certain period in life, I think that we all struggle with hair loss problems, however some of you may have this problem for a longer period and even though those expensive treatments don’t really work, you just can’t give up and you end up wasting a lot of money and no results.

I’ve seen many older people who have used this plant in their home and it may seem weird, but in fact nettles are rich in many powerful nutrients, especially high levels of protein which is a crucial compound for our hair.

Besides the protein presence, nettles are also loaded with magnesium, calcium and beta-carotene as well as with vitamins D, A, C and B-complex. Put 4-5 leaves of nettle in a cup and pour boiled water over them and use this mixture on your hair.

However, remember that nettle is also high in silica, which can be harmful in high doses, so don’t get too comfortable with this home remedy.

  1. Consume Olives for Motion Sickness

Olives are extremely delicious, so you will see why grandparents are well acquainted with their health benefits as well. The tannins presence in olives, prevents the production of too much saliva which can only trigger sickness. Eat olives to ease this feeling and you can easily carry these delicious delights on your next journey.

  1. Ease Earache with some Lemon Juice

Well, we all knew how nutritive and beneficial lemons can be, but did you know that you can add curing earache to the list as well? Rumor has it that elderly people squeeze some lemon juice on an ear bud and pop it into the ear in order to ease earache. Since lemons tend to stabilize the pH levels, you will feel the pain going away as soon as you try this. However, if the intensity of the pain is unbearable, you may want to consult a doctor before you do something on your own and make it worse.

  1. Parsley fights Garlic odor

All of you who enjoy garlic and its numerous health benefits, don’t need to worry anymore. Parsley will kill the strong odor of garlic and refresh your mouth. Eat raw parsley leaves right after you’ve consumed your garlic. Chewing gums won’t help you a lot, since they help you the first 5 minutes until the freshness go away. Parsley is a natural mouth refresher, plus it kills the bad bacteria in your mouth, responsible for bad breath as well.