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10 Healthy Reasons to Eat More Avocado

While most other fruits consist of carbohydrates, avocado is rich in healthy fats and is a unique kind of fruit.

It is really very beneficial for the health.

Why You Need to Eat More Avocado

1. Avocados are rich in carotenoids

This super food is rich in carotenoids which works as a great anti-oxidant and helps to prevent you against deadly eye diseases. As the carotenoids are fat soluble and not water soluble so eating avocados can help the body to extract carotenoids from the other fruits and vegetables.

2. Consist of great amount of potassium

Avocados are also rich in potassium and so help to reduce the blood pressure which is a major cause of heart attacks.

3. Contains high levels of monounsaturated fatty acid

It is one of the fattiest foods and has high levels of fat content. The majority of fat in this fruit is oleic acid. It is known to reduce inflammation and has great impact on the genes that are effected by the cancer. The oleic acid is a great heart healthy fat that is good for the health. It has many health benefits and is therefore good to consume.

4. Avocados are rich in Fiber

Avocados are very rich in the fiber content. It contains relative huge amount of fibre that can aid in weight loss, and reduces the risk of many deadly diseases. Fiber can have a great impact on your overall health and wellbeing.

5. Lowers the Triglyceride and Cholesterol levels

The Heart diseases are a major cause of deaths in the world and so keeping the cholesterol levels in control is crucial. Heart diseases are directly linked to cholesterol levels, blood pressure and various other things. Avocados are a great food to have to lower the levels of cholesterol and Triglyceride. It can also increase the level of good cholesterol.

6. People who consume avocado are healthier

Studies reveal that the people who consume avocado are healthier and stay fit. The people who consume avocados have a higher nutrient content are less likely to suffer from metabolic syndrome. People who have avocados also have less fat and negligent cases of belly fat.

7. Helps to protect you against cancer

The avocados can also prevent you against cancer. Avocados can reduce the impact of chemotherapy and has been shown to prevent prostate cancer and has great health benefits.

8. Relieves the symptoms of arthritis

Avocados are known to relieve the human beings from the arthritis symptoms. Extracts of the soya bean oil along with avocados can reduce the symptoms of arthritis called as osteoarthritis.

9. Can help in Losing weight

Avocados can also help you to lose weight. People who eat avocados feel more satisfied and are less hunger striken than the other people. This means fewer calories intake and less of fats.

10. Easy to include in diet

As this fruit is so delicious and goes well with all sorts of foods, it is very easy to incorporate in the diet. You can add it to salads and other recipes or also eat it plain. So it is your choice. It blends very well with other items because of the fatty and rich creamy texture. Avocados are an excellent food. It is loaded with many nutrients and taste great.


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