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10 Things Men Don’t Find Attractive In A Woman!

Just as women find some things unattractive about other women, men can also find things they don’t consider attractive in women Here are the 10 things men hate about women.

1. Too much makeup

A bit of makeup is fine, but masking your face completely won’t make your partner ecstatic. Apply makeup that fits your natural complexion and remember – less is more!

2. Extreme hairstyle

Using products that boost your hair volume as well as accessories in your hair is something men are not attracted to – they prefer long, soft and silky natural hair.

3. Shiny makeup

Men prefer matte to shiny makeup, so make sure to have this in mind when you’re preparing for a date.

4. Artificial eyelashes

Never use to much mascara on your eyelashes or wear artificial ones – men prefer nice and long natural eyelashes.

5. Retouching your makeup in public

Men don’t care for beauty tricks, so never retouch your makeup in public, or don’t announce it at least.

6. Lack of personal hygiene

Broken nails and unshaven legs are a big no-no if you want to attract looks from men – pay close to attention to your personal body care if you want to be attractive. 7. DRY OR GREASY SKIN Make sure to keep your skin hydrated properly, as too dry or greasy skin will put most men off.

7. Dark lips

Dark lipstick shades may stain your teeth accidentally, which certainly won’t be a pleasant sight.

8. Too Much Perfume

A light spray is just enough when using your perfume – using too much of it won’t please men. Make sure to distribute it on your wrists, neck and behind the ears, not on your clothes.

9. Yelow teeth and bad breath

Just like with your personal hygiene, keeping check of your oral health is important as well. Stained teeth and bad breath will put men off, so make sure to keep your oral cavity healthy and clean.

10. Dry or greasy skin

Your skin must be properly hydrated and nourished at all times – you should always try to strike a balance between greasy and dry. Remember, men love perfectly looking skin, so try to pay more attention to it.

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