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11 Natural ways to help reduce the appearance of moles

Chances are if you have moles, especially on areas of your body that are regularly visible, you have considered how you can safely remove them. While most moles are not a cause for concern, many people want them removed because they simply do not like the way that they look.

While there are medical treatments that remove moles, they can sometimes be costly and even a little painful. However, if you have a mole that you want to be removed, know that you can actually do it yourself. Not only can you remove it, but chances are you already have the supplies in your home. Let’s take a look.

1. Garlic

Garlic is often a go-to solution for mole removal. The reason is it is so effective is due to natural enzymes that break down mole-causing pigments. Simply crush up a couple of cloves of garlic until it forms a paste and then apply it to the mole. However, you should take care to apply oil to the skin first because garlic can burn the skin. Allow the garlic to be on the area overnight. After about five nights the mole should fall off.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Another simple solution for moles is to apply apple cider vinegar. This produce works so well because it is acid-based and causes the mole to scab over and fall off. You should dab a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar, place the cotton the skin and cover with a bandage overnight. After about ten days the mole should be gone.

3. Bananas Peels

The nutrients found in bananas help protect the skin from moles and remove spots on the skin. You should use the peel of a ripe banana. Place the peel against your skin with the yellow part facing out. Cover with a bandage and leave on the skin overnight. The mole should be removed in a few weeks.

4. Castor Oil

Castor is known as a discutient which means that helps to dissolve and remove unnatural growths on the skin. You can apply a small amount of the oil to your wart two times per day. Allow the oil to be on the skin for several hours before rinsing away. The article also indicates that this remedy will not leave a scar.

5. Pineapple Juice

Pineapple juice works as a natural skin lightener which means that it can also lighten the appearance of dark moles on the skin. You should soak a cotton ball in pineapple juice and allow it to set on your skin overnight. Do this several times for a few weeks and the mole will lighten.

6. Aloe Vera

The antibacterial properties of aloe vera make it a go-to solution for many skin issues, including moles. Plus, it is a soothing experience that makes it easy to choose this method over others that could potentially sting or burn. You should apply the gel from the leaves to your face a few times per day. The mole should disappear in about a month.

7. Onion Juice

Onion juice is effective in battling moles because it is acidic. The acid removes each layer of the mole until it is completely gone. You should apply the onion juice to the mole and allow it to set for thirty minutes before removing. You can do this several times a day for up to a month.

8. Grapefruit Seed Extract 

Grapefruit seed extract works to get rid of moles. The reason this is effective is because of the Vitamin E that gently nourishes and evens out the skin. Use one drop of the extract directly on the troubled area and cover with gauze for a few hours. Complete this method several times per day for about one month.

9. Frankincense

The astringent and antibacterial properties of Frankincense makes it an excellent solution for wart removal. You should make a bath with Frankincense and baking soda and allow yourself to soak in the bath for fifteen minutes per day. This is a good solution if you many moles on your body.

10. Honey

Honey works as a safe wart removal. The antibacterial and healing properties help to help gently warts disappear. Bab a bit of honey on the mole and rinse away after a few hours. Repeat until the mole is gone.

11. Iodine

Iodine has similar properties as garlic when it comes to battling moles. However, it is a better solution for sensitive skin. You should use a Q-tip to apply the iodine to the mole. Do this several times per day and you will begin to see changes in the mole. Eventually, it will fall off.

Ready to get rid of your moles the natural way? Tell us which solution works for you. Share the knowledge with your friends.

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