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20 Things to Remember When Dating a Strong Woman!

The strength of a woman has nothing to do with her physical strength but with the accomplishment of her aims. A strong woman can sometimes be seen as an intimidating one because she knows her aims and tends to achieve them.

She is an independent and hard-worker who does not need a relationship to support her. This does not mean she does not want a relationship but it is not her priority for happiness. She needs a connection but with a man she wants.

If you are dating some strong woman, remember these characteristics about her:

1. She is usually self-sufficient so do not be surprised if she takes control of some situation and handles it on her own.

2. She is very creative person who is open-minded and full of new ideas. She would probably not be interested in repeating situations such as visiting the same restaurant for every date.

3. She is not a person who gossips or dramatizes. In that case do not waste your time doing that.

4. She has a direct and open line of communication so she is very open in terms of what she wants or needs.

5. She takes care of herself and doesn’t depend on others. So, don’t be offended or surprised if she doesn’t need your help.

6. She knows her goals and she sets them as the most important thing that she should achieve.

7. She would like to be with you but she would not spend all of her free time on you. She will need time for herself, to relax and refresh herself. So, try to understand her and her need to have a night alone.

8. She wants to keep track of your relationship. So, don’t be surprised if she asks you where your relationship is headed.

9. She has a clearly defined dreams and goals so she expects you to have some as well. She will be interested in your ambitions and the way you are about to achieve them.

10. She is a real fighter. She won’t give up even when the situation is tough but she will strive for finding a solution for it.

11. She knows when the things don’t work. If she notices that something isn’t OK, she would like to talk to you and try to make things right.

12. She might have built some walls but it will take time to break them down and build a trust because she protects herself in the first place.

13. She has high morals. She won’t pursue a relationship if your values conflict with hers.

14. She knows what’s essential for her and she will focus on reaching it. She will do things with purpose and meaning.

15. She might not give you a chance to help her at first. It may take time until she asks for help.

16. She has a strong feeling of gratefulness for what she has. So, she will apply it in your relationship.

17. She is an optimist and always focuses on the positive side. She might be questioned if you are negatively oriented.

18. She is responsible and accepts responsibility but asks you to be the same as her. She won’t accept excuses for it.

19. She might look as an intimidating person at first but as soon as you meet her, you will see that she is insecure and vulnerable as all of us are. Being strong doesn’t mean being without feelings.

20. She is afraid of being hurt so if there is a distance between you, that’s might be the real cause. But as soon as you build trust, you will see the softer side of her.

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