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5 Proven Reasons Why Coca Cola is Not For Human Consumption

That Coca-Cola you have sitting in your refrigerator or pantry may actually be useful! However, it may be for a different purpose than you think. Nothing has changed about Coke, and it still doesn’t belong in your body at all. Coca-Cola can be used in many different ways, all of which demonstrate exactly why it does not belong in your diet.

What Coca Cola Does to Your Body

Before moving on to the scary uses for Coke, you may want to remind yourself what this toxic drink does to your body, especially if you’re craving a can right now.First, Coca-Cola is like other sodas in that it is packed full of preservatives. Many of these ingredients are extremely acidic and corrosive, so they can cause a considerable amount of esophagus, organ, and bone damage.

The sugar found in Coca-Cola is alarming. One can has a full 10 tablespoons of sugar, far more than what you should be getting on a daily basis. Taking in this much sugar can cause your body to become dependent on sugar and crave it, even if you are trying to make healthier choices.

Now, find out the five surprising uses for Coca-Cola, and you’ll be on your way to kicking the habit forever.

1. Oil Stain Removal

Is your driveway full of oil stains from oil changes or leaks? Your favorite cola is here to help you. You can soak an oil stain in Coca-Cola, let it sit, and then scrub it aggressively. The stain should come right out. Some people have even had success using this technique on clothing, so you may be able to save your favorite shirt.

2. Cleaning a Car Battery

Corrosion on your car battery can take months off of the life of your car battery, and who wants to spend over $100 on a new battery any sooner than they have to? Soaking a car battery in Coke for a couple minutes and then cleaning it off with a cloth makes it look as good as new.

3. Clean Your Toilet

Your toilet probably takes quite a bit of abuse, and sometimes commercial toilet scrubs just don’t cut it. The acid in soda can cut through just about any stain and build up. Pour a full can of Coca-Cola in your toilet, let it sit for about five minutes, and then flush. It’s amazing—or scary.

4. Rust Removal

Coca-Cola can be applied to just about any metallic surface to remove rust, including cars, tools, and kitchen knives.

5. Shine Up Coins

Dirty coins look gross and they are a hotbed for germs. Soak your dirty change in a cup of Coca-Cola and then give them a quick rinse with water.

Breaking the Habit

Do you really want to be drinking a beverage that can remove rust, clear up corrosion, and get rid of toilet stains? Just think about what is happening to the inside of your body with these acids. You deserve better. Go ahead and use the rest of your Coca-Cola for cleaning purposes, but then strike it off your shopping list forever.

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