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6 Ayurvedic Tips To Trim Down Your Waistline

Nowadays, fat around the waistline has become a very common issue that worries many people. Stomach fat is connected with high cholesterol, inflammation, heart disease, stroke and diabetes. This type of fat is not always associated with obesity but can be really dangerous.

A research claims that people with normal weight and stomach fat (men over 40 inches and women over 34 inches) have a greater risk to die earlier than those who are obese.

However, do not worry. If you pay attention to your diet and do some exercise, you can get rid of that dangerous fat. Make sure you do not practice crash dieting, as it is not a good idea for your belly.

A healthy and safe weight loss is the best option. This means that a balanced and low calorie diet combined with exercise can make you lose between 1/2 to 2 pounds a week.

The following tips will help you remove the excess fat and the get the flat belly you always wanted.

1. Mediterranean Route to a Flat Stomach

According to a study across 10 countries in Europe, this Mediterranean diet can reduce your waistline. It consists of a large amount of fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, cereals, seafood and fish. It also includes a low intake of dairy products and milk, moderate consumption of alcohol and many others.

2. Bank on Foods That Can Remove Your Belly

Along the balances diet, there are some foods that can help you remove the excess stomach fat:

  • Oats: If you want to manage your body weight, the doctors recommend a bowl of oats every day. The liver-protecting and metabolic-regulating qualities of oats will provide many additional benefits for your organism. Oats will remove the excess abdominal fat and will improve the liver function.
  • Proteins: If compared people with fat-reduced diet and those who consume more protein, the latter have lost more abdominal fat than the first ones. For this purpose, consume more protein-rich food such as fish, lentils, quinoa, yogurt and beans to remove that dangerous belly.
  • Tea: This drink is not only useful because it provides your body with fluids, but it can also reduce your belly. It’s the catechins, the polyphenolic compounds in tea that reduce the body weight and accumulation of fats in the abdomen and the liver. So, a regular consumption of this substance can help you fight obesity.
  • Tart Cherries: The anthocyanins, the substance that gives berries their blue, purple or red color can improve the metabolism and reduce inflammation. The animal studies have shown that these cherries are connected with lower abdominal fat, hyperlipidemia and percent of body fat.
  • Yogurt: A cup of yogurt will not only satiate you, but will help you lose some fat from your belly. So, those people who consumed more yogurt in their diet, tend to lose more fat than lean muscle.
  • Blood Oranges: Along the carotenoids, flavonoids and vitamin C, these oranges abound in anthocyanins, which are beneficial in reducing obesity and insulin resistance. They can reduce abdominal fat as much as 50% due to their ability to fight the accumulation of fat.

3. Try the Ayrvedic Fat Scorchers

Ayurveda claims that having food rich in fat, salt, sour and sweet food, red meat, dairy productsand sugar can cause an imbalance in the system that deals with fat. Instead of these foods, try the fa-reducing herbs such as: myrrh, rasna and guggul. Also the chitrak, black pepper and cyperus can improve the digestion and thus burn fats.

4. Reduce With Exercise

The exercise is an important aspect of every diet plan of losing fat. One rule is that you should burn more calories than you eat. The beginning may not bring about immediate results, but it will definitely help you tone your abdomen.

The researchers have compared the effects if resistance exercise (push ups), aerobic exercise (swimming, walking, dancing, playing football, etc.) and interval sprinting exercise (short interval exercises) and the last one turned out to be the most effective in reducing abdominal fat.

5. Strengthen Your Core

When exercising, you strengthen your core muscles and tone your stomach. Oblique and stomach crunches, planks and side planks tone your core muscles.

6. Tone Abs With Yoga

The cobra pose in yoga as well as the bow pose will significantly help you tone your abs.

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