Female infertility is becoming a serious problem at present Although the reasons are usually linked to genetics, some vitamin and mineral deficiencies can also be the cause. But, infertility issues lead to more serious psychological problems, including depression. Below, we recommend several effective home remedies and tips to help you overcome this issue successfully.

  1. Jamun Leaves

Jamun leaves have been found to be extremely beneficial for treatment of infertility in women. Mix them with some honey to improve the flavor.

  1. Root of Banyan Tree

Roots of banyan tree are also effective in dealing with this issue. What you do is collect roots from banyan tree and dry them. When the roots have dried completely, grind them to powder. Drink this powder in combination with milk on the night following the end of your period. Do the treatment for one year.

  1. Winter Cherry

Winter cherries are another useful medicine for treatment of infertility in women. As with the banyan tree root, dry the herb then grind it to powder. When your period is over, start drinking milk mixed with 6 gr. of this powder. Do the treatment for one week for two months.

  1. Have a fixed diet

A healthy well-balanced diet can also be extremely helpful for treatment of infertility, especially when the issue is caused by nutrient deficiencies. If you are affected with infertility, try including more of the following foods into your daily diet:

  • eggplant,
  • grains,
  • milk,
  • honey,
  • curd,
  • cheese,
  • sprouts, and

Vitamins like C and E, along with zinc mineral, are also extremely helpful in increasing fertility in women.

  1. Exercise

Taking up some yoga classes can prove quite beneficial as yoga is great for relaxing all the muscles in your body. It also has tremendous effect on the mind.

It’s best to do yoga under the guidance of a certified yoga trainer that will show you the most beneficial postures for your body.

  1. What to avoid

Unhealthy lifestyle as well as some bad habits can also be the reason behind your infertility issues. These are some of the things you should avoid when trying to get pregnant:

  • coffee,
  • spiced and fatty food,
  • white flour,
  • fried foods,
  • cigarettes and

Needless to mention, marijuana or heroin addiction is even more dangerous to your health and can be the main cause of infertility.

  1. Live a happy life

There’s no doubt your mental health reflects on your physical health. Having a positive attitude in life indirectly stimulates gland function and hormone secretion. Surprisingly, a lot of women are infertile as a result of excessive stress That’s why doctors strongly recommend keeping your stress exposure low.