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Be Careful What You Buy – Plastic Rice Is Spreading Across Asia!

It was a very shocking news for the whole world when people got to know about the fake eggs produced in China.

Some other disturbing fact has followed to the same incident. This time, it was a production and distribution of plastic rice made in China. It is very important for you to know about the labels which need to be checked before buying the rice.

The rice was first noticed in India’s southern state Kerala and Asian media is calming that the rice is originated from china. It got quickly distributed in many countries in Asia such as Vietnam, India and Indonesia.

Shockingly the plastic rice is mixed with the well-known commercial brands of rice and looks very natural as well as normal. It is very difficult to point out the difference between plastic rice and really rice.

Whereas the people who consume the plastic rice are suffering from many digestive problems which indicated the existence of plastic rice in the market.

The ingredients of the preparation of this rice consist of sweet potatoes, mixed potatoes and synthetic resin. This combination can make it toxic and the consumption of this rice can lead to damage of gastrointestinal system.

The detail report of media on this topic claimed that the rice is available in the market from a long time and was first introduced at Taiyuan and Shaanxi.

People are not able to differentiate the plastic rice as it looks exactly as the normal rice.

According to Agro-based Industry Ministry and Malaysian Agriculture, the plastic rice is safe to eat. But many experts are claiming the possibility that the rice might be imported to these countries are available in local small shops.

How can we avoid the fake rice?

The difference between the plastic rice and normal rice is just impossible to identify immediately. So, while buying the rice at the supermarket, the buyers will not be able to differentiate the plastic rice. However, one can do the experiment at home. When you will make the plastic rice hot it will burn like plastic.

It also tastes a bit different from the normal rice after being cooked properly. So, if you find any difference in the taste of rice and it burns like plastic then you can avoid that particular brand of rice. Don’t buy rice of such brand and pass on the knowledge to your friends and family.

Stay aware and stay healthy!

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