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Begin the Day with This Energizing 10 Minute Yoga Regimen

You can’t say you don’t have 10 minutes in the morning to do this quick Vinyasa flow practice that will provide you with energy throughout the entire day.

Get on your mat straight out of bed and do these yoga postures before your morning shower. Your mind and body will thank you.

Start by doing gentle neck circles, while your feet press firmly on the ground, and your thigh bones are engaged backward. Shake your hands to shake away all stress and concerns that you have gathered the previous day. Shake up and down, to let it all out. Do easy twists moving your upper body and arms left and right in an inhale/exhale pattern, while keeping your feet firmly on the ground.

Breathe in deeply while stretching your arms over your head, and breathe out folding over your legs, with slightly bent knees. Breathe in – suspend, exhale – fall over your legs.

Repeat this 6 times, and the last time you fold over your legs remain down and clasp opposite elbows behind your lower leg muscles. Gradually strengthen your knees as far as comfortable, while looking for a space between your shoulder blades. Relax your neck and take few deep breaths.

Lift your body half-way while inhaling, and slowly step down into downward facing dog with your palms and feet placed flat on the mat.

Then, inhale and raise your right leg upward, with your foot faced downward. Breathe out opening the hip, and allow your foot fall down towards your buttocks. Take a few deep breaths here, and slowly return your leg to the mat while inhaling. Your hands are placed flat on the mat during the whole stretch. Repeat with the opposite leg.

Once you’re done with both legs, and you are in a downward facing dog position once again, breathe in and place your right foot on the outside of your right hand.

Extend your right arm, but keep your left one on the mat, while twisting your upper back and pointing your head upward. Exhale and return to downward facing dog. Before repeating the same process with your left arm, you can do optional Vinyasa.

After doing the same pose with both arms, return to downward facing dog. Inhale to plank and exhale to upward facing dog. Take a quick moment of stillness, and once again return to downward facing dog. Slowly walk your feet towards your hands, and clasp your hands behind your back. Let the gravity pull your interlaced palms, while keeping your knees bent, strengthened or slightly bouncing.

Move your interlaced palms left and right, and then release your hands on the floor while breathing out and strengthening your knees. Bend your knees while gradually rolling your upper body up to a standing position. Don’t rush to raise your head, but let it be the last thing to come up. Roll your shoulders back, and press your feet firmly on the ground.

Stay in this calm Mountain pose, appreciating the good things in your life, and thank yourself for coming to your mat today. Namaste!

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