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Cellulite Beauty

If you are overweight or if you want to burn fat to muscles come into play, the rule is the same – proper nutrition, training and of course: will and perseverance.

A slim figure is not unattainable, so we’re going to help (with some advice) to get to it. What is actually more important, have a healthier lifestyle. Fat Burners help speed metabolism and fat faster to consume during physical activity. Reduce appetite, helping to expel excess water from the body. It is known that ingredients of vegetable origin, which are essential for the health of the body only. If you are an athlete or recreational same deal, there are medicines of for you. – The building blocks of the body and muscles. The more muscles, the less fat, and for this they need protein supplements, which help the recovery after hard training.

The basic building block of protein. The products based on amino acids to produce positive results, affecting the recovery and regeneration, strengthen the immune system and what is important, keep the muscles from degradation.

Is of great importance for the functioning of the body. Irregular diet, weight loss diets, modern way of life … can lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Therefore, for very active people very important to use vitamin and mineral complex.

Orange peel – cellulite problem that afflicts nearly 90 percent of the fairer sex.

Stress, lack of exercise aktivost, deposition of fat cells, the absence of hormone balance in combination with poor transport lymph fluid and blood, resulting in the appearance of cellulite to a greater or lesser extent.

Cellulite is divided into several types depending on the severity. If you notice small holes after you press the skin, it is a type of cellulite:

Something bigger holes in the skin after pressure chamber poor microcirculation in the region and cellulite Cellulite Type 2, Type 3 is visible without any pressure on the skin. Cellulite Type 4 is characterized by great unevenness, and at a pressure or touch, you will feel pain. To eliminate or reduce cellulite, follow our advice. Start with exercises for abdominal muscles, body shaping and leg muscles.

The feeding turn on chicken meat, vegetables and fruit fresh, fish, whole grains and some of the tea against cellulite instead of coffee, drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. Respecting these principles will improve digestion, detoksikovati organism which is very important to make cellulite disappear without returning. Appropriate preparation against cellulite is also essential in the fight against cellulite.

There are many on the market. It is used so as to lubricate the area affected by cellulite light, circular motion. There are compositions with appropriate massage on top This is still a better option.

Exfoliation is also important. Massage your feet.Other methods to remove cellulite treatments called mesotherapy and ultrasound cavitation. Before the treatment, consult a professional doctor. Mesotherapy is done with the help of micro – injections that are rich in vitamins, enzymes, vasodilators.

Ultrasonic cavitation gives excellent results, and it is once every two weeks or ten days.

Ultrasound waves “break” the fat cells. After that fat is converted into triglycerides, moves to the intercellular fluid and from there be assembled in more fatty acids and glycerol. Higher fatty acids are place in the liver, and the glycerol in the blood. This is a method that provides visible results in each treatment including the first, or the transport of fat present in the blood and liver requires increased physical activity.

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