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Cilantro and Chlorella can Remove 80% of Heavy Metals from the Body within 42 Days

Modern people are in touch with a huge number of heavy metals and they are not aware of this exposure. Cadmium, aluminum and mercury are some of the heavy metals that have the ability to attach to the central nervous system and our joints and bones.

They create deposits over the years and as a result of that we start experiencing some serious health issues linked to poisoning with heavy metals. Luckily, there are some easy and convenient solutions that can help us get rid of heavy metals and stop their free flow in our body.

Chlorella and cilantro are chelating compounds that can embed to heavy metal dangerous ions and after that, the body can easily flush these heavy metals out of the systems. Pharmaceutical drugs including 2,3-dimercaprol have been used as the basic element of chelation treatment in cases of lead poisoning or arsenic poisoning, but the truth is that they bring many other negative effects.

With the right amount and combination of chlorella and cilantro (also known as Chinese parsley) you will be able to eliminate many heavy metal deposits from your body.

According to Dr. George Georgiou who is an expert in heavy metal poisoning, there are a huge number of health professionals who rely on synthetic chelating compounds like DMSA, DMPS, EDTA and few other agents when they want to activate and get rid of heavy metals.

Of course, the use of these substances has some positive and negative effects. For instance, they have the ability to activate and remove specific metals found in human bodies, but their activity can overload the body’s detoxification capacity.

It is the best idea to use cilantro combined with chlorella because this natural ingredient activates more heavy metals and toxins than it is able to flush out of the body. So, if it is used alone, it will probably overflow the connective tissues with heavy metals that were once accumulated in different body parts.

As a result of that, people may experience the process of re-toxification. This is where other natural agents like chlorella come into play and prevent the side effects of cilantro.

Individuals who have consumed significant amount of salads based on cilantro in one day have witnessed these side effects –large acne, mood swings, joint aches and other unpleasant symptoms. The heavy metals were activated, but they were not flushed out from the body quickly, so the body was experiencing the effects of toxification and detoxification at once.

But, by making a combination with chlorella (a compound that supports intestinal absorption), you will prevent the process of re-toxification. Several studies conducted not while ago have shown that chealtion of heavy metals with the help of cilantro-chlorella combo, can eliminate about 90% of mercury and lead and about 75% of aluminum on average in a period of about 40 days.

Chlorella has properties that support the detoxification process too:

  • First of all, chlorella provides antiviral effects.
  • Chlorella creates connection with dioxins and similar toxins that come from the environment.
  • This agent enhances the detoxification capability of the body.
  • It boosts glutathione – the most important antioxidant found in the body.
  • It connects to heavy metals with great success rate.
  • Gamma and alpha linoleic acids found in chlorella aid people’s efforts to improve fish oil intake and other similar healthy acids.
  • Chlorella also contains methyl-coblolamine which solves the issues in the nervous system and repairs damaged neurons which are usually the first structures that experience problems due to heavy metal presence.
  • It is loaded with B6 and B12 in forms that can be absorbed without much effort.
  • It is packed with amino acids which mean that they are perfect for vegans and vegetarians.
  • It is capable of opening the walls of the cells which is crucial for the process of detoxification.
  • It is able to bring back healthy gut microflora.
  • It is good to point out that chlorella is still examined and analyzed for its amazing detox properties and modern science still doesn’t have exact answers about the way in which this compound works.
  • Here is described the specific chelation dosing when using chlorella.

Of course, cilantro comes with specific chelation advantages:

  • Strong anti-inflammatory properties
  • Very efficient activator and binding agent when it comes to metal toxins
  • Powerful antibacterial properties
  • Lowers LDL (bad) cholesterol levels and boosts HDL (good) cholesterol levels
  • Protects the body from bloating and gases
  • Calms hormonal imbalance during menstruation cycles and menopause
  • Prevents UTIs (urinary tract infections)
  • Eliminates nausea
  • Supports fiber presence and activity in the digestive system
  • Lowers swelling
  • Combats anemia thanks to the high amounts of magnesium and iron
  • Support the work and health of the liver
  • Acts as efficient expectorant.

Finally, we must point out that in order to get the best results and avoid any side effects, you must have high levels of magnesium present in your body before you begin practicing this chelation procedure. Magnesium is an essential mineral that keeps the performance and health of the arteries at an optimal level and supports the detoxification process.

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