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Do You Know How Are BABY Carrots Made? The Truth Behind Baby Carrots And Why You SHOULDN’T Eat It!

Whenever you’re craving for an unhealthy snack, like chips, you can always grab a fruit and kill the hunger or your constant desire to snack something. However, not always do we have time nor desire to peel cucumbers or make a vegetable salad, because let’s face it- opening a pack of chips is much faster and easier.

Bravo to the few people who are practicing healthy snacking at night or during movie-nights. Unless, you’re practicing eating baby carrots instead of normal carrots, then you’re up for a big shocker.

How did baby carrots come to our markets?

The truth is that baby carrots were recently discovered and introduced to the market. Those cute-looking orange treats will not only attract you with their adorable name “baby carrots”, but they will also seduce you with their cute appearance.

They truly remind us of babies. Ok, they may be delicious or something and yes, they are a better option than a pack of chips, however little do we know about their origin and production methods.

So, let’s go in depth. Baby carrots are, in fact, NORMAL CARROTS. Yes, even though we were made to believe that baby carrots is something innovative on the market, the truth is that baby carrots came to our markets in the late 80s and they truly are made from normal carrots, just cut out in smaller pieces and then processed.


How are baby carrots made?

Now, when the word is out and you realize that you’re in fact eating reshaped, processed normal carrots, it’s time to describe the process behind the baby carrots. Once the normal carrots are being reshaped into smaller “baby carrots”, they are fed into a machine, the protective skin is being removed and at the end they undergo a chlorine bath.

The chlorine bath is meant to kill all the germs and the bacteria during the process. This process of making the baby carrots is meant to be cost-effective and millions and millions of normal carrots are put into the machine and a chlorine bath in order to produce the baby carrots. So, even the organic baby carrots undergo a similar process which is far from healthy.

What can you do about processed baby carrots?

First of all, normal carrots are as delicious and far healthier than baby carrots. Secondly, normal carrots don’t go into a machine, meaning that they don’t contain germs and bacteria and therefore they don’t have to go into a chlorine bath.

So, instead throwing your money and health in the garbage, buy regular, normal carrots which are rich in powerful nutrients and they are cheaper and last longer than the baby carrots. Use organic normal carrots in your daily diet and you’ll experience the true benefits of carrots.

Is chlorine dangerous for humans?

Well, bearing in mind that chlorine was once used as a chemical weapon, you can only imagine its impact on the human body and health. The exposure to chlorine has been linked to many health-related problems including, throat irritation, eye tearing as well as nose irritation.

So, as many of you are familiar, humans are already exposed to chlorine and that is through tap water which we use on a regular basis. Moreover, the chlorine that we get through baby carrots can cause problems with our immune system and even a liver malfunction. Moreover, chlorine exposure can be dangerous for the animals as well as the environment.

The main purpose of chlorine is to destroy living organism, because it’s a pesticide. We all avoid food with pesticides, because of its effects on our health. Chlorine has the power to kill even the good bacteria, once digested. Usually, you can find chlorine in the household cleaners or in the industrial areas, where the air is affected by the chlorine.

Sadly, the area which is most affected by the chlorine is the largest human organ, the skin. Most of the chlorine absorption occurs when inhaling the steam and through the open pores in the hot shower.

Do Baby Carrots exist or we are only eating Normal Carrots?

Well, to be honest, there are baby carrots on the market which are in fact immature and much thinner carrots and you can easily determine whether or not you are eating baby carrots or a reshaped normal carrots.

On every package there should be a label that says “baby carrots”- which are the tiny, immature carrots or “baby-cut carrots”- which are the reshaped normal carrots. So, not all of the baby carrots are reshaped normal carrots and soaked in a chlorine bath, you need to read the package in order to determine the type of carrot you are eating.

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