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Eggs – health benefits and nutrition facts

Eggs are having one of the biggest roles in the everyday diet. They are part of almost every dish. They are so unique products which are making them perfect keeper for human’s health. There are many types of eggs. Most used varieties of eggs are chicken eggs. Eggs have been used in the diet thousands of years. They are not just only good source food, but also they are also making other components which are very important for the human’s health. They are rich with protein which was the biggest reason why they are used in the diet. In those tiny eggs they are providing important nutrients which are keeping our health. Benefits for Health and Body of eggs:

Here are some benefit for health of eggs:

Growth and development: 

They are very important for children to be used in their early ages when they are growing and when they are forming their bodies. When we were children we thought that egg was just part of everyday breakfast. But we did not know that this product is rich with minerals and proteins. When eggs are consumed in the body, then they are giving all beneficial nutrients to body. Then, children can grow normal and also their parents can be sure that they will be healthy. Proteins are known that are important for the cell formation. Every part of our body, every bone, every blood vessel, every organ and hair are depending of the protein which is consumed in the body. Also this element is very important for the regrowth and repair which are necessary for our health.

Heart health: 

In the past years there were also many negative opinions about the eggs because they are having high levels of cholesterol. They were thinking that this kind of cholesterol will make them heart problems and also it will ruin their health. But nowadays there are studies in which is proven that when people are consuming eggs, then they are protecting themselves from strokes and heart attacks. Eggs are also protecting and helping the hearth health because they are increasing the good cholesterol (high – density cholesterol) and they are decreasing the levels of the bad cholesterol (low – density cholesterol). Because eggs are regulating the levels of cholesterol, they are protecting from heart attacks, atherosclerosis, blood clots, strokes and other diseases which can make your heart weak.

Weight loss: 

Eggs are rich with proteins. When they are consumed in the body, then they are giving filling and satisfying feeling. Proteins are very important for the right development of the body. They are giving energy to our bodies. Also they are providing nutrient stability which makes us feel full. They are one of the best ways to lose your weight because when they are consumed in the body, they are making healthy balance and you are not consuming other calories.

Cognitive effects: 

Egg have choline which is great way to keep the cognitive health. This element is often grouped with Vitamin B. But when this element is consumed in your body, then it is creating the critical pathways in your brain. Many people around the world are not consuming choline. But when they are eating eggs, then they are supplying their bodies with this element.

Anti-oxidant activity: 

There are many antioxidant fruits and vegetables in this world which are incredible healthy for our bodies. Eggs are rich with a lutein, Vitamin A and zeaxanthin. Those are antioxidant components which are found in the eggs. They are protecting many parts of the body. But their primary function is to protect the eye health and other problems which can come as the years are passing by such as macular degeneration. Also these elements are protecting from cataracts. When eggs are consumed in the body, they are neutralizing the free radicals which are a reason for serious health problems. Free radicals are causing oxidative stress which is leading to heart diseases and cancer. This is a reason why eggs should be consumed in the body.

Rare minerals: 

This kind of product has rare minerals such as selenium and iodine which are very important for our bodies. These elements are difficult to be found in other products, but in the eggs you will consume it in natural way. When you are eating eggs, you should be sure that you are taking with you all those rare minerals which are very important for the thyroid hormone and anti-oxidant activity in our bodies.