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Expectation Vs. Reality Photos: photos of food on packaging and in life

Appetizing food ads impress consumers, but sometimes the reality is too different from what shops and restaurants offer.

The manufacturer of delicious buns promised a lot of filling, but it turned out the other way around.

Expectations and reality: the main thing is more dough.

The attractive bun and batter cutlet is not at all the same as in the picture.

Expectations versus reality: The burger was not very photogenic.

There was supposed to be a delicious cheese pie, but an incomprehensible mixture came out.

Expectations and Reality: The consumer hoped for a delicious dish.

Looks like they forgot to put chocolate in the cookie.

Expectations and reality: chocolate is too high in calories.

The bright cakes were not an appetizing lump of dough.

Expectations and Reality: Give the Knife!

The Italian pasta with spinach and seafood in the picture turned out to be a small portion of pasta with four small shrimps in reality.

Expectations and reality: pasta with seafood turned out to be pasta with noodles.

Why throw away the leftover cabbage roots when you can make another pack of frozen vegetables.

Expectations and reality: a mix of frozen cabbage roots.

The cheese paste turned out to be a dark-colored concoction drenched in a strange sauce.

Expectations and Reality: Where’s the Cheese?

The photographer has done more professional work than the cook.

Expectations and reality: no sausage, fewer calories.

The goodies were supposed to be with whole peanuts and gooey caramel.

Expectations and reality: the famous Snickers is not the same.

The main thing is to choose convenient packaging so as not to buy a “pig in a poke”. But even here the manufacturer found a way to save money.

Expectations versus reality: a clever marketing ploy.

Cheese bowl with noodles and beef. It is best to check the prepared food from the supermarkets so as not to go hungry.

Expectations versus reality: Not quite a mouth-watering ready-to-eat meal from the supermarket.

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