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Find Out Your Stomach Type

According to body-gurus and trainers you should know your tummy type in order to get a perfect look of your tummy. Below we present you with the different tummy types and the different approaches that should be used to reach a perfect shape of each type.

Spare Tire Type

People who have this type of tummies love sugary foods, have desk jobs and lead sedentary lives. Luckily, this tummy shape can be easily made perfect. It is on fact the easiest tummy type to be eliminated. Sugars and refined carbs such as white bread, rice, biscuits, pasta and rice should be avoided. Exercising is required. People with this tummy type can easily become overweight and gain fat in the legs and hips.

Plan for spare tire tummy type

– Alcohol consumption must be forbidden. These pure sugars go directly into the waist and no fat can be burned until the entire amount of alcohol is processed.

– Start exercising and eating healthy two weeks after you stop drinking alcohol. Fat-free and low-fat products are very dangerous. They contain preservatives, salt and refined sugar in order to better their taste.

– Eat vegetables, eggs, grilled chicken and smoked salmon. Oily fish, avocados and nuts contain good fats which aid the formation of a flat belly.

– Quick walks, dips, lunges and squats are excellent exercises for this tummy type. Gym training is not required.

Little pooch type

Women with demanding careers and families often have this tummy type. Even going to the gym can leave you with a little pooch because you are doing the same exercises and you are eating the same types of food. Excess crunches and ab-rollers are not advised. These things pressure the lower back and the hip flexors. Because of this, the muscles of the stomach protrude and the tummy sticks out.

Plan for little pooch tummy type

– Solve all the digestive issues such as constipation, bloating and inflammation by consuming fibers. These problems make the pooch bigger. Consume whole grains and green leafy vegetables.

– Do sit-ups correctly to prevent the pressure on the lower back which increases the pooch. In fact, you should do planks instead of sit-ups. Lie on a mat with your face down while resting on your forearms. Raise your body on your toes and elbows. Your entire body should be parallel to the ground. Stand in this position for 10 seconds. Increase the time of this position until you are able to remain like this for one minute.

– Use weights only when doing lunges or squats.

– Enough water intake and consumption of green vegetables and light protein such as chicken and fish is excellent for this tummy type.

Stress tummy type

Over-achievers often have this type of tummy. Often, these people suffer from digestive problems such as irritable bowel syndrome. IBS causes bloating and the tummy looks even bigger. The weight of this tummy type is to the front of the umbilical area and the midriff and the area is hard.

People with this tummy types must eat breakfast and mustn’t skip meals, consume junk food and too much caffeine.

Plan for stress tummy type

– Improve your sleep habits, since during sleep hormones that regulate the metabolism and the appetite are produced.

– Practice meditation, deep breathing or long baths before bed to reduce stress and exhaustion. Don’t drink more than 2 cups of coffee daily.

– Improve the function of the immune system with yoga and long walks. Excess cardio exercises increase cortisol levels, so avoid them.

– Increase the intake of magnesium since magnesium reduces the stress of the body. Brazil nuts and green leafy vegetables are loaded with magnesium.

Bloated Tummy Type

People with this tummy type suffer from gas and indigestion which causes the flat tummy from the morning to become bloated. The bloating is often caused by a poor diet that results in sluggish bowels, allergies and food intolerance.
Avoid the foods that your stomach cannot tolerate.

Plan for bloated tummy type

– Pasta, cereals, pizza, cakes, pastries and bread contain wheat and gluten. Intolerance to gluten and wheat is very common. Processed dairy foods such as milk, butter and cheese, as well as yeast in beer and bread should be avoided.

– You should always eat large breakfasts, since the digestion is best in the morning. Night eating can cause bloating. Your digestive system will remain healthy if you drink a lot of water and if you chew the food well.

– The best technique for this belly type is breathing. Every morning breathe deeply for 10 minutes while lying on your back. Take a walk after each meal.

Mummy Tummy Type

Women who gave birth have this type of tummy since the uterus is heavier and drops. 6 weeks are needed for the tummy to return to normal size after the birth. No exercise is effective before this.
Harsh exercises should not be done for at least three months after the pregnancy. The loose muscles should be strengthened and the flow of the blood should be increased.

Plan for mummy tummy type

– Omega-3 acids sources such as fish oil stimulate the fat burning hormones, while disabling the function of the fat storing hormones.

– To fight fatigue, absorb nutrients and vitamins, and burn fat consume good fats. These fats can be found in olives, vegetable oils and nuts.

– Pelvic floor exercises are an excellent choice. Clench and squeeze these muscles for 15 minutes 5 times daily.

– Cruches are the worst choice. Instead, do deep breathing exercises while doing the pelvic exercises.

– Power naps are excellent for recent mothers. To boost the burning of fat stretch before going to sleep.