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Healing Power of Honey and Water Combination

Honey has many different benefits (protecting from cancer and heart disease, decreases ulcers, has antibacterial characteristics etc.). Now you will learn about the benefits that are coming from drinking honey-water.

Preparing Honey-Water

Put some water on a heat until it becomes tepid and add one teaspoon of honey in it. Always use wooden teaspoon. You will get a liquid with a structure almost identical with blood plasma. Thanks to the honey you will get a cluster compound created in the water and you will have a powerful drink with various health benefits. What is most important is that this composite is very easily absorbed in your system.

The Healing Powers of Honey-Water

It brings the digestion back to normal and activates the intestines. If you are having lazy intestines this drink is perfect for you.

It firms your immune system, removes clods and treats bronchitis. It will also cleanse your lungs from mucus.

This drink removes the parasites from your digestive tract, disables any bleeding in it and ejects the toxins from your organism.

When drinking this composite regularly you will see that your waist line has increased. But you have no need for worrying, because that is caused from the feces that became softer and swell which is a sign that they will exit from the body very soon.

The honey-water also normalizes the function of the colon. It also makes the micro flora younger and removes any bacteria in it. This composite is helpful if you are having uncontrolled and comfortless urge to urinate through the night. The honey gathers the water which is allowing your kidneys to work properly.

Consuming Honey-Water

Drink this composite in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evenings which will assist the kidneys to function much better. Drink it immediately, but not in one tot, because the valve of the stomach opens and the water gets in the intestines quickly. Then the water will go into the bloodstream.

With the help of this drink your face will be much cleaner too. It also makes your skin tender, silky and glowing. You should know that the honey is one of the oldest cosmetic compounds in the world.