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Properties and Health Benefits of Mangosteen

Mangosteen has many benefits such as providing a relief from the dysentery and diarrhea, maintain healthy skin and weight management, boost the immune system, protect the body against various health ailments, reduce the risk of diabetes, allergies, inflammation and cancer. The health benefits of mangosteen include antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant properties.

This fruit is dark purple or reddish in color. It has a good taste and for this reason it is known as a queen of fruits. It is not known the place of origin of mangosteen. It is said that this fruit has been first domesticated in South Asian countries. India, Vietnam, Burma and Thailand are some of the countries where this fruit has been cultivated since many years. Nowadays it is grown in the other Asia countries and some African countries. This is an ultra – topical plant which needs rainfall and humidity.

Also this fruit cannot survive in long periods of drought. Also the mangosteen cannot be grown at very high altitude regions. This fruit has not many varieties except one which is found in the Sulu Islands. When you buy this fruit in the markets, then you should choose some fruit which has less seed and more fleshy segments. Also you should choose the fruits which have the highest number of stigma lobes at the apex.

Benefits for Health and Body of Mangosteen

Weight loss: 

If you want to lose your weight in natural way, then you should add mangosteen in your diet. It has many nutrients which can ensure you that you will have a good health and a good shape of your body.


This medical condition is one of the most common conditions all around the world. In the most cases people who suffer from this condition are using medications for it but also these medications can increase your risk of health problems if you do not take adequate precautions. Mangosteen is one of the best natural remedies which is effective in managing and maintaining blood sugar levels in your body.

Cardio protective effect: 

This natural remedy can help you to reduce the risk of getting stroke or myocardial infarction. There are some studies in which is said that this fruit has cardio protective effects of this fruit on lipid peroxidation and antioxidant tissue defense system during a stroke.

Astringent properties: 

The leaves and bark of magnosteen tree exhibit astringent properties and they are very beneficial curing aphtha or thrush.

Menstrual problems: 

The roots of the mangosteen are also rich in health benefits. This root can help in the regulating menstrual cycle in women.

Healthy immune system: 

This fruit is rich in many vitamins, minerals, nutrients and xanthone which can help you to boost the immune system. These nutrients can help you to protect your body from many health ailments which are a reason why your immune system is weak.

Anti – inflammatory properties:

In the Southeast Asian countries this fruit has been used as anti – inflammatory agent. Also there are some studies in which is shown that the extracts of mangosteen have anti – inflammatory and anti – allergy properties. These properties inhibit the release of prostaglandin and histamine which are associated with inflammation in or bodies.

Anti – cancer properties: 

This fruit has anti – cancer properties. The pericarps of this fruit have xanthones which have anti – bacterial, anti – inflammatory and anti –cancer properties. The xanthones inhibit the cell growth in human colon cancer. Also there was one study in which is said that this fruit the xanthones exhibit the potential to be developed as agents which can prevent cancer or also they can be used in a combination with anti – cancer drugs for beneficial effects.

Healthy skin: 

This fruit can help you to maintain healthy skin. It has anti – oxidant, anti – allergy, anti – fungal, anti – bacterial and anti –inflammatory effects which can reduce the risk of many skin conditions such as allergies, bacterial infections, eczema, skin aging and skin inflammation.

Diarrhea and dysentery: 

Also mangosteen can be used as natural treatment for stomach disorders. The mangosreen peel and pericarp are giving you a relief from the stomach disorders such as dysentery and diarrhea.