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Healthy Recipe to Eliminate Pounds and Gain Energy in the Mornings

When we decide to face a diet to lose weight we also seek to make changes in our diet by eating healthy products that bring benefits to our body in every way.

This is the case of this milkshake that we recommend today that in addition to helping you eliminate those extra kilos that do not do you well, will provide fiber to encourage intestinal transit and give you energy to start with your routine, since you must take it in Fast, or your day started well.

Oatmeal, which is one of the ingredients of this smoothie, will give you a feeling of satiety and will deplete your appetite and prevent you from eating between hours, which is one of the reasons why we gain weight.

You will only need a few ingredients, easy to get.


– ½ liter of water
– 2 green apples
– 125 grams of oats
– 1 green lemon

These amounts are orientative and suppose the content of a glass of milkshake. You need to adjust the proportions to your needs. In addition to the benefits already mentioned, this drink will help you to level your cholesterol levels and it is important to note that you should not add any type of sweetener, since the sweet taste is provided by the apple.


– Peel apples and mix with water
– Add the oats, continue liquefying and finally the lemon juice
– Add more water in case it has become very thick and ice if you want to drink it cold.

Drink this smoothie as soon as you have it prepared and fasting, Although you can also add one more dose at night before going to sleep. After a week you will start to notice the results.

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