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Home Treatment for Mumps in Children

Mumps are described to be a viral infection that affects your parotid glands. The parotid glands are a part of the three pairs of salivary glands located near our ears; behind and in front of the ears. This is the reason why a child suffering from mumps has swellings around his ears which is pretty visible and even the doctor checks to confirm for such an obvious symptoms. Since mumps is a viral infection, it can’t really be treated with medicine because it only goes away after it has completed its time course.

Many individuals of a family or friend circle can be affected at a time; the disease takes over instantly, completes its time period and naturally leaves the body. The only medication that can help is related to relaxation, pain and healing abilities or any kind of weakness. Thankfully, mumps isn’t a chronic condition and mostly happens once in life for a week or two. The risks of having mumps in children as well as adults has increasingly decreased, yet only a decade ago, it was considered a horrible disease with several complications.

The symptoms of mumps in children may vary from child to child; as 20% of the children don’t really show any signs of ailment. But some prominent symptoms may include pain in the salivary glands, difficulty in in taking food and even talking, swelling of the cheeks, fatigue and moderate fever. Moreover, headaches, muscle pains, sore throats and loss of appetite are also a few noticeable symptoms in children. But as mentioned earlier that sometimes the condition gets worse and a serious, then the child suffers from pretty high fever, hearing problems, confusion and even inflammation in the testicles which is pretty painful. A mother can for sure detect such visible indications that something is very wrong. She must report to a doctor almost immediately.

Now as far as the causes are concerned, we must understand that it is a viral disease and is caused by a virus. This virus can easily be passed on so people around a patient are warned to stay cautious.  It is highly contagious and may be passed if the child sneezes and coughs in the air that other breathe in. furthermore, physical interaction like hugging or kissing the patient may also pass on the disease. So basically, the cause is the virus that is transferred from one individual to the other. It is pretty resistive and can withstand harsh conditions, so take care of your kids before you have to get a cure for them.

Now taking about a cure, we must take two things under consideration.

  • It should be moderate since a child would be taking it
  • It should not have side effects

The first condition may be fulfilled but the 2nd requires a person to go from antibiotics and other allopathic medicines to herbal remedies that guarantee no side effects. For mumps, you will find many remedies online but here are a few effective ones.

  • Make a paste of dry ginger and water by grinding them together into a thick paste. Now apply this paste on the swellings and around the ears and so that the swelling may be reduced. This really works effectively.
  • Use of aloe vera juice and its gel can provide excellent remedies for mumps. Aloe vera is already used for many medical treatments and for loads of beauty products. it is for sure one of the most used herbs in medication. Take a leaf of aloe vera and slice it in half so that its gel is exposed. Apply this gel to the swollen area the child will be relived from the pain.
  • Also, boil the leaf of aloe vera. Soak a cloth in that water and apply it to the swollen or painful areas. It also helps in relaxing the muscles.
  • Chilling the area is another useful home therapy. Use a pack of ice and apply it on the area you fell uncomfortably. The numbing effect will help reduce the pain and swellings. It is one of the easiest approaches there is.
  • REST, yes you need you child to rest for a while. Being a viral disease it won’t go away till it has completed its cycle. So you need your child to rest for a while because he is already suffering from symptoms like fatigue and weakness. The more he rests while he is ill, better will he feel after recovery!
  • Lastly, with the consultancy of a physician, the child may take a pain killer so that it can satisfy both the mother and the child. The pain killer should be very light so that it doesn’t alter the healing process.

Parents can never see their child in pain. Especially with a disease like mumps, the child may become cranky. With the information above, one can properly take care of his child, detect mumps at an early age and get it checked in time for any seriousness.

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