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How to Plant Hundreds of Tangerines in a Flowerpot and Never Buy Them Again

Tangerine is definitely one of the most delicious citrus fruit thanks to its amazing aroma and unique flavor.

But, besides their great flavor, tangerines provide incredible health benefits. They fight inflammation, boost your immune system, help your lungs function properly, and much more.

So far, you have been probably buying tangerines, but did you know that you can cultivate them in your own home? That’s right, you can either grow them in flowerpots or in your garden. 

We will explain all the required steps of growing tangerines in your own home.


First, get a medium-sized flowerpot that has holes at the bottom for drainage. Find small stones and place them at the bottom of the flowerpot.

Add organic soil for better drainage, and some sand for better ventilation. Then, sow the tangerine seeds and cover them without pressing them firmly into the soil.

Keep the flowerpot with the tangerine seeds at a place where they will get enough sunlight.


Occasionally, you can add a fertilizer high in zinc, magnesium, and iron.

Water your tangerines when you notice the soil is dry to a depth of an inch. Make sure you cut all the broken and withered branches. Once your tangerines grow, carefully collect them to prevent any damage.

There you go. You have grown your own pesticide-free tangerines, so you can now stop buying sprayed ones packed with chemicals which can seriously harm your health.

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