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How To Properly Eat Quail Eggs

The eggs of Japanese quail are not a miracle cure that will cure every disease, but it is certainly not taking the eggs will not harm the body, but on the contrary, it can only help him.

People who did not use quail eggs and are not sure how they will handle the first day of taking an egg, the other two and so on up to five pieces, and continue to be taken every day for five pieces. It is recommended that eggs be taken in its raw state for half an hour before meals. The consumption can be beaten with sugar, honey, milk or juice, depending on your preference. Children can eat boiled or fried eggs if they are not consumed in its raw state.

If a cure is not enough, can be repeated, or at least after two months. It is recommended to take two treatments per year.

Through the centuries, in Eastern literature, PRCA extends the usefulness of Japanese quail eggs. Especially for healing blood circulation, heart, liver, kidneys, stomach and brain. Meat quails in the past was only on royal tables. Today there is almost no family in Japan whose daily menu are not these eggs. They are very rich in vitamins A, B, C, D and E, iron, phosphorus, zinc and important amino acids. By its nutritional value, quail egg is replaced pet chicken.

Eggs and meat of Japanese quail were an indispensable part of the table Egyptian pharaohs and their healing properties in China and Japan for centuries known. There are numerous written evidence of the positive impact on the human body, especially the blood and circulatory system, heart, liver, kidneys, stomach and brain.

In recent years, the medicinal properties of quail eggs questioned numerous scholars from Russia, England, the Polish and the Czech Republic and the results are surprising: proved to be an excellent natural remedy for the treatment of numerous diseases. However, the most fascinating experiment that clearly shows the great regenerative ability of these birds from the family hens are performed by those who are no longer with their characteristics and familiar. In fact, several years ago, during research conducted by Japanese scientists, at the same time a small dose of radiation irradiated chicken and quail. After only one month quail eggs were completely healthy, the chicken retained radioactivity.

This item alone is sufficient justification for the claim that the age-old Japanese quail egg true elixir of life, but just in case, here are some interesting facts: on average, each quail lays one egg a day (a total of 260 to 350 eggs per year), and that at the same time its weight is almost ten percent of its total weight, and what the most striking, quail die only of old age!

Japanese quail eggs are small and freckles, or a real elixir of life.

Who should consume the eggs of Japanese quail?

It has been said that the eggs of Japanese quail have a positive effect on the blood and circulatory system, heart, liver, kidneys, stomach and brain but are intended for those who have problems with the authorities, as in the case of serious illness, a preventive can be used by everyone.

However, some groups have been allocated to which the therapy is the most preferred:
1. children are developing
2. elderly
3. patients and convalescents
4. people with special diet (child)
5. athletes and manual workers

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