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How to Treat a Stye

Stye can be tricky because it can cause pain and ache. First it swells, then it became hard and increases gradually. It should be open and draining pus when ripened and when in it develops an abscess. Sometimes, especially during night, it burst by itself and the pus is poured over the eye.

It can often return. This is not a blood disease or unhealthy eye that many mothers would think. It’s an infection that is caused by constantly rubbing the eye, usually children, or because of the narrowing of the canal that connects the eye with the nose. The best cure is to teach the children to a better hygiene.


Soak cotton cloth in brandy and put it over your closed, sick eyelid. Leave it like that for about one hour. Then soak another cotton cloth in olive oil and put over the eyelid. Keep the compress longer, if possible overnight. In the morning wash the eyelids with warm tea pf chamomile flowers. To prepare the tea pour ½ liter of boiling water over 5 g Chamomile flowers. Then cover the tea and leave it to cool down.

It is very important to avoid contact with dirty hands.

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