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Just A Single Powerful Kitchen Spice Fix Obesity, Insomnia, Anemia, Diabetes, Acidity, Intestinal Worms, Detox Liver And…

Jeera aka cumin is an Indian herbal spice with tons of health benefits. I was aware about its medicinal properties however never gone thoroughly. Recently I met my one of Ayurveda physician friend and he asked me to do R &D and write something about cumin. I started reading thoroughly about it in various Ayurveda and alternative medicines books and compiled its health benefits and simply got amazed by this wonder spice. It is one of the vital spices in Indian kitchen and a part of their daily diet. I am sure many of you would add this new member in your kitchen and diet for a healthy life naturally.

Apart from quick weight loss it can also has positive benefits in several common health problems. Several of them are listed below:

Acidity: Mix cumin, coriander and sugar all 3 in equal amounts and prepare power. Have 2-2 teaspoon of this powder each and every morning with plain water and say adios to acidity.

Acidity: For instant and quick relief from acidity, take a pinch of raw cumin and keep into mouth for a short time and sallow later on.

Indigestion: Take cumin, rock salt, black pepper, dry ginger, long pepper all in equal amounts and grind into fine powder. Now have a table-spoon of this powder with fresh water after meals to cure dyspepsia related issues.

Loose Motion: Add five grams of roasted and grind cumin in a glass of yogurt. Stir it properly and have to get relive from loose motion.

Intestinal Worms: Boil 15 grams of cumin in 400 ml of water till it’s left simply 100 ml. Drink 20 -40 ml of this special rink in morning and evening to kill intestinal worms.

Vomiting: Daily have a tablespoon of fine powder of roasted cumin with honey after meal to cure chronic vomiting.

Cough and Colds: Cumin additionally has antiseptic components and it take away dry and frozen phlegm in chest and thoracic region and relieves from cough and colds. Recipe: Simply boil cumin seeds in a glass of water and drink this water.

Insomnia: If you are tormented by sleep disorder then simply take half teaspoon of roasted cumin powder and mash with banana and eat daily after dinner.

Stomach-ache and Body aches: Have 3-3 grams of fine grind cumin powder twice on daily basis with lukewarm water to obviate stomach-ache and body aches.

Anemia: Did you know cumin is one of the best sources of iron and regular intake of cumin prevent anemia and iron deficiency health issues. Cumin works like nectar for pregnant women who require increased quantity of iron in blood and body throughout gestation.

Liver Detox: Regular intake of cumin works as a detox for liver and whole body and make them healthier and stronger.

Diabetes: Manage blood sugar level with simple intake of grind cumin with a glass of water twice on daily basis. It is very beneficial for diabetes patients.

Constipation: Take cumin, black pepper, dry ginger and curry powder and mix in equal amounts to prepare mixed powder. Combine it with ghee/butter and add salt as per taste and have with rice. It’ll clear bowel moment and relive from constipation.

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