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Medical Phenomenon? She Stopped Aging At Thirty, Mostly Thanks To This Ingredient!

Pamela Jacobs from the UK (originally from South Asia) is 52. But, that’s not the impression most people get when they meet her for the first time. In fact, most people think she’s in her 30s.

For one thing, she has this flawless complexion and great body. Although she says, part of it is due to genetics, she also works hard to look the way she does Aside from eating healthy and exercising regularly, she swears by one ingredient that helps her maintain her youthful appearance – coconut oil.

Coconut oil takes an important part of her beauty routine – she uses it as a body moisturizer twice a day, as a makeup remover, and for body brushing once a week. She also applies in generously on her face before going to bed and leaves it on overnight After this, her skin looks rejuvenated in the morning. It’s no wonder many people mistake her for her son’s girlfriend (her son’s 21!). Once she was even offered a student’s discount when she was buying a ticket to London.


Ms. Jacobs started using coconut oil when she was young. As for her diet, she follows the 80/20 rule, meaning that 80% of her diet is healthy organic foods, and the remaining 20% is not-so-healthy – pudding, alcohol and chocolate, but dark organic.

She avoids bread, sugar, pasta and fruit, but loves green leafy vegetables, water with lemon, protein foods, turmeric, ginger and pepper …

She works out on a regular basis and showers with cold water after going to the sauna.

Why is coconut oil so good?

There’s no question coconut oil is one of the most health-beneficial foods on the planet. In fact, it’s much more than a food. With its unique combination of fatty acids, mostly medium chain fatty triglycerides, coconut oil has some amazing medicinal properties These triglycerides are transferred from the liver into the digestive tract, where they are used as a quick source of energy rather than being deposited as fat reserves.

In spite of its numerous health benefits, coconut oil is still considered an exotic food in our Western society and is mostly consumed by people who know the importance of a healthy diet. In some parts of the world such as the South Pacific people get 60% of their calories from coconut, but they are also the largest consumers of saturated fats in the world. It because of coconut oil that these people enjoy excellent health and there’s lower incidence of heart disease among them than in the rest of the world.

Easy digestion

Coconut oil is highly beneficial for treatment of digestive issues such as microbiological bacteria and intestinal problems. The thing is fatty acids in coconut oil provide antimicrobial effect that eliminates bacteria, fungus such as candida, and even parasites that cause indigestion.

Cooking at high temperatures

The medium chain fatty acids allow coconut oil to have a higher temperature tolerance than most other oils. For instance, olive oil oxidizes once it reaches the point of opacity and creates free radicals.

Slows the aging process and the formation of wrinkles

Coconut oil is an important skin care product as well. It keeps connective tissue strong and prevents wrinkles and other skin problems. You can use it on a regular basis to reduce the appearance of wrinkles or to give your skin a nice glow.

According to dermatologists, this gift of nature can be used instead of expensive cosmetic products which are often laden with harsh chemicals. The best cosmetics to use is one that contains coconut oil and that you make yourself – toothpaste, face cream, suntan lotion and deodorants.

You can either opt for illuminator or highlighter to freshen up your dull and tired skin, or you can get the same effect with coconut oil. It’s quite simple – apply some coconut oil on your cheeks and face to look fresher and younger. 

Coconut oil is also great for fighting hair loss. The thing is it penetrates deeply in the scalp and revives hair follicles while preventing the loss of protein Simply put some coconut oil on your palm and spread it over your hair. Next, comb your hair from the scalp to the tips. Roll your hair up and put a shower cap. Let it act overnight. In the morning wash your hair with mild.

Body Scrub

To use coconut oil for body scrub, melt ½ cup oil and mix with a cup of brown sugar and salt. This mix is a natural exfoliant that deeply moisturizes your skin Adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil or vanilla extract is also an option.


Coconut oil can do wonders for the skin of the hands, especially if it’s dry as a result of frequent washing. Make it a habit to apply some coconut oil on your hands every time you wash the dishes as this will help your skin retain moisture and make your hands soft and smooth.

Body Lotion

Last, but not least, virgin coconut oil is amazing for skin hydration, but also for preventing moisture loss with extremely dry skin. Save your money on expensive body lotions as this is a natural alternative that provides the same effects.

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