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Powerful Juice Recipe for Diabetes

Bitter melon is a vegetable widely used in Chinese cooking and medicine. I first tasted bitter melon stir-fried over white rice in a small Chinese restaurant in New York. It tasted very bitter and pungent. I would be lying if I said I like the taste! But, I enjoyed the rush of energy and the feeling of well-being after eating half of my bitter melon dish.

Scientists from The Garvan Institute of Medical Research isolated 4 compounds from the juice of bitter melon which can lower blood sugar in diabetic patients. Those compounds activate an enzyme which is responsible for glucose transport into the muscle cells. In the future, scientists will try to develop a diabetes medication out of bitter melon juice. However, why wait for bitter melon medication? Take the matter into your own hands, and start drinking bitter melon juice now!


  • 3 oz Bitter Melon
  • 2 oz Celery
  • 3 oz Lettuce


  1. Add everything into the juicer
  2. Mix well and drink to your health!