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Removing Wrinkles In 7 Days With This Natural Recipe

Do you some problem wrinkles in unwanted areas? This natural herb recipe will help fight against wrinkles, even the ones in the most inconvenient areas.

There are money different reasons wrinkles form on the skin from aging to smoking. Wrinkles are also known as a rhytide, which is a fold ridge or crease in the skin. Skin wrinkles usually appear as a result of aging because of glycation, habitual sleeping positions, loss of body mass, or as a result of prolonged immersion in water.

As you get older the skin cells divide more slowly, and the skin’s inner layer, the dermis, begins to thin. When the dermis starts to thin it starts to undo the skin’s stretchiness and structure. As you age the skin loses the ability to hold moisture, make less oil, and it is slower to heal.

The wrinkles that you find on your face, like frown lines, which are lines between your eyebrows, and crow’s feet, which are lines from the corners of the eyes, are thought to be caused by habitual facial structures. Even too much sun can cause wrinkles. If you smoke you are more likely to develop wrinkles than a non-smoker. Smoking curbs the skin’s production of collagen, which is the key part of the skin’s structure. So, try this natural recipe to fight against wrinkles.


  • 4 teaspoons vaseline
  • 2 teaspoons honey
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 2 tablespoons of olive or almond oil.


1. Make the vaseline into a liquid using a water vapor. It only takes a few minutes to make the vaseline liquify.
2. Remove from heat and other ingredients
3. Mix the ingredient together until a homogenous mass has been formed.
4. Apply to the skin gently while gently massaging into the skin.

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