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Studies show that cheese lovers live longer!

For all lovers of cheese, we have great news: has been found that your favorite dairy product can help you live longer According to research published in the journal Nature Medicine, mature cheese contains ingredients that can significantly help to reduce the risk of heart disease and the aging process, and increase life expectancy. 

Scientists initially conducted experiments on mice and found that regular consumption of cheese in animals helped them to live longer. Then it was attached questionnaire among 800 people in Italy and found that those who regularly ate cheese, suffered less from hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.

Their susceptibility to heart failure was approximately 40% lower, compared with those who ate. Researchers believe that the chemical ingredients contained in the cheese (polyamine), help cells in the body get rid of toxins and their damaged parts, which has a beneficial effect on the body, and can also help a person to rejuvenate its appearance. 

However, you should keep in mind that cheese contains a lot of calories and can be harmful for some people, but that does not mean that those who cannot eat, cannot extend its lifespan Polyamines contained in the mature cheese, can be found in other foods such as green peas, corn, soybeans and cereal grains. But cheese has the advantage between them all – just because it is very tasty!

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