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Studies Show The Health Benefits of Frankincense and Myrr

The use of Frankincense and myrrh has dated back to the time of early Christianity. These were brought to Jesus from the wise men. Many people have come to believe that they have healing powers.

In Egypt frankincense was used as a vision protecting ability and men and women wore it as eyeliner. Greek philosopher Hippocrates wrote about the powers of myrrh. Both of these have been traded for thousands of years.
Today there have been some proven effects that frankincense and myrrh can fight cancer.

Frankincense and Cancer

Leicster University conducted research and found that frankincense has a chemical compound that may be able to kill cancerous cells. It may be able to fight common cancers including prostate, breast, colon, and ovarian cancers.

The compound is known to the scientific community as acetyl 11 keto beta boswellic acid or AKBA. This compound is even able to fight cancer cells in the late stages.

According to Kamla Al Salmani, who is a PhD student at the Department of Cancer Studies and Molecular Medicine at this college has stated that after studying AKBA in ovarian cancer cells this compound has been shown to be effective in killing these cells. There are no known side effects when a person is using frankincense.

This compound has been shown to fight cancer cells more effective then chemotherapy and may be able to help people with cancers that have been resistant to drugs and other treatments.

Combining Frankincense and Myrrh Can Help with the Healing Process

Myrrh has also been found to have positive effects on a person’s health. Myrrh can be used as an essential oil and has been able to help with a number of skin conditions. It has been able to help people with eczema, athlete’s foot, help wounds heal, strength gums in the mouth, and help with respiratory problems.

According to the Journal of Food Safety, Nutrition, and Public Health myrrh has been shown to help lower cholesterol levels.

Combining frankincense and myrrh can have additional health benefits. According to the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy these combination of these two products can help people with stomach aches, kill bacteria that leads to bad breath, loosen phlegm, and provide pain relief from toothaches.

Another combination that is helpful is myrrh and turmeric. This has been shown to help cells detoxify and reduce the levels of lead in a person’s system.

The Basic and Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology conducted a study and found this combination reduced toxic levels in the body’s systems. This study was conducted by the Alexandria University Research Development in Egypt.

There are many benefits to frankincense and myrrh. These essential oils are very strong and a person should be careful using them. They should be diluted before use. Only therapy grade essential oils should be used. They should also be used with the recommendation of a naturopath so a person can sure them in a safe manner.

Using these essential oil in a diffuser is one of the common ways to get the benefits they have to offer in a safe and effective way.