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The Dental Scam About Wisdom Teeth And Why We Need Them

Many people have their wisdom teeth extracted because of their dentists’ advice. However, the wisdom teeth have a huge importance and people should be informed about their importance before they agree to extraction. Dentists usually consider these teeth as unnecessary teeth that only crowd out the mouth. However, when you read this article you can make your own decision whether you should or should not allow your dentist to extract these teeth.

The wisdom teeth

The further back teeth in your mouth are called Third Molars or wisdom teeth. These teeth appear later than the other teeth in late teens or early twenties. According to research, most people who have their wisdom teeth extracted agreed to an unnecessary extraction. Only 20 out of 10 million extractions in America every year are necessary. The old belief that wisdom teeth cause many illnesses is completely false. The extraction only brings money to the dental industry.

One research proved that oral health and health in general depends only on nutrition. The research was carried out on native tribes who ate only natural traditional diet and had almost no tooth decay. When the tribes started consuming white flour and sugar, tooth decay started.

Nowadays, holistic dentists give diets that provide the necessary nutrients for the jaw bone. This allows the 32 teeth to position well in the mouth without crowding. In conclusion, a healthy nutrition provides excellent oral health and certainly healthy wisdom teeth.

The Huge Importance of Wisdom Teeth

Our teeth are like all the other organs in our body. They are as important as any other part of the body. The wisdom teeth are linked to the small intestine and the front of the major endocrine gland called the pituitary gland. Actually, the mouth and the face are connected to almost 50% of the motor and sensory nerves in out cerebral cortex. A tooth extraction disturbs the normal connection that passes through the teeth. Traditional Chinese Medicine refers to these connections as meridian acupuncture system. This system is part of this medicine for 5000 years. It describes the connections between your teeth and joints, vertebrae, spine, endocrine glands and all the organs in the body.

The Dangers of Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Nerve damage is very common after an extraction of a wisdom tooth. More than 150 000 people feel numbness and tingling after the extraction. The feeling is permanent. This clearly shows that our teeth are connected to the other parts of our body through the nerves. Even sudden death can be the consequence from a wisdom tooth extraction.
Wisdom teeth extraction should not be done unless it is completely necessary for the patient’s oral and overall health.

Dental consultants and data clearly illustrate that most wisdom teeth extractions in the world nowadays are completely unnecessary. Do you own research before accepting your dentist’s advice to extract your wisdom tooth.

Are your wisdom teeth extracted? Was the extraction necessary or not? Would you accept your dentist’s advice to extract a wisdom tooth after reading this article? Share your personal experience with the world now!