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The Fountain Of Youth! 5 Tibetan Exercises That You Should Be Doing Every Day:

Chris Kilham is the author ofThe Five Tibetans: Five Dynamic Exercises for Health, Energy, and Personal Power.”  He also the founder of Medicine Hunter, Inc., works as a Fox News integrative alternative medicine TV personality and columnist, and is en eminent educator medicine hunter, and promoter of plant-based medicines.
In an interview with Dr.Oz he said that a daily 5-minute practice of the Five Tibetans will add a decade to your lifespan.  The exercises should be done repetitiously on a gradient and beginners are recommended to start by doing 1-5 repetitions for each of the exercises. It is recommended to listen to the body in order to prevent any injury and stress the body.

Minor discomfort and soreness is normal but beyond that is a danger zone that may result in injury. The aim of these exercises is to work up your way to 20 repetitions of each of them at a comfortable pace.

It is recommended to practice at sunrise or sunset, but anytime of the day is fine, too. Make sure you use a towel, throw rug, yoga mat, or carpeted area in order to reduce the discomfort of the body.


The legend says that the Five Tibetans originated from Tibetan Llamas. Ellen Wood, an anti-aging expert, emphasizes the importance of doing these exercises slowly for optimal results. It is interesting to mention that they were a secret practice handed down from generation to generation.

The Five Tibetans were considered as part of the pathway to higher levels of consciousness. What Chris Kilkham promotes is ability of these exercises to restore youthfulness and increase longevity.

Esoteric Benefits

Peter Kelder shared the secret of these exercise with the West in the 1930s. As he explained in his book, The Eye of Revelation (later released as The Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth), the value of the Five Tibetans transcended the physical realm.

According to Kelder, “I would like to make it clearly understood that these are not physical culture exercises at all. They are only performed a few times a day; so few times that they could not possibly be of any value as physical culture movements.

What the Rites actually do is this: They start the seven Vortexes, also known as the chakras of the subtle body, spinning at a normal rate of speed; at the speed which is normal for, say, a young, robust, strong, virile person of twenty-five years of age.”

These exercises restore the body and the mind and are both comprehensive and dynamic. Esoterically, they stimulate the 7 vortexes in what the yogis refer to the subtle body.

The chakras are the major energetic interface between the universe and the individual.  It is said that that these when these energetic centers function optimally, spiritual evolution and proper health are the result.

Physical Health Benefits

Exercises such as Chi-Gong and Qi-gong, restore energy, boost strength, metabolism, and strength, and improve nervous, cardiovascular, digestive, and brain function.

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