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The Secret to Relieving Back Pain Is In Your Feet! Do These 5 Exercises In Just 15 Minutes

People often neglect the feet, simply because for being unaware of their importance and contribution to the overall health.  However, the feet are actually the harder working part of all external aspects of the body. Being the foundation of the body, keeping them healthy keeps the entire body healthy!

Have you ever heard of the term “gait”? This term refers to the complex cycle of walking which starts from the FEET.  Simply put, the feet are supporting the body weight at any given time, regardless of whether you are walking, running, or doing any other day-to-day activity.  Taking proper care of the feet helps prevent back, hip, and knee pain, and this article focuses on their importance, offering a few tips on how to prevent and relieve pain in these areas.

1. Toe Presses

Before engaging in any form of physical exercise, the feet need to be properly warmed up.  Toe presses are an excellent way to warm the feet and promote relaxing moving.

All you have to do is to bend the knees while standing, grip the floor with the toes, and hold this position for three seconds.  Release and then do a set of ten repetitions, three times daily.

2. Toe Walking

Toe walking is extremely effective in strengthening the muscles in the toes and the ligaments and muscles found all around the balls of the feet.  Start by standing on the tiptoes and then walk forward for about twenty seconds. Rest for fifteen seconds and then repeat the exercise five times.

3. Ankle Circles

The flexibility and mobility of the ankles are of utmost importance! If they are tight and restricted, this may lead to muscle and joint pain as well as back and knee pain as the body needs to compensate for their weakness.

To perform this exercise, you need to put the back on the floor and then extend one leg of the head. Rotate the ankle clockwise for tens second and them rotate the same, extended leg`s ankle counterclockwise.  Switch legs and repeat the procedure.

4. Resisted Flexion

This exercise targets the small muscles in the foot which are otherwise difficult to engage.  Strengthening these tiny muscles help prevent energy and maintain balance.

Begin by sitting on the floor with the feet straightened out in front of your body. Wrap an exercise band around a chair and then put the band on your feet.  Slide back while sitting on the floor until you feel the tension in the band.  Bend the foot backwards and hold for five seconds.  Do 10 repetitions.

5. Toe Pencil Pickups

This exercise is very simple and all it requires is a pencil.  Stand in front of the pencil and grab it with your toes, raising it from the ground.  Hold for ten seconds, drop it, and do five repetitions with each foot.

These exercises will take about fifteen minutes of your time. For optimal results, do them in succession of each other every two to three days.