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Tick Bite Might Be the Reason for a Toddler’s Death

In just one week, a toddler from Plainfield Central Indiana, from healthy became sick, and her parents suspect that the reason might be a tick bite.

And the sad news is that Kenley Ratliff that was 2 years old died on Sunday. According to her family, they suspect that she was bitten by a tick and got infected with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

She was a typical toddler with a huge smile, but she spent her final day in the hospital with tubes. Her body couldn’t handle it, and sadly in a week, she passed away.

Her family suspects on the Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever which is a rick-borne and rare illness. This illness is on the rise in Indiana.

The Health Department of Indiana in 2015 reports 30 cases, while in 2016 there are 40 cases. This illness must be treated immediately with antibiotics, if not so there is high death rate.

But nothing is still confirmed. There needs to be a testing done at Riley Hospital which will take around 2 weeks. The family wants to warn about this illness.

They say that the sickness started after they came back from camping. At first, she got a strep throat and then so got a 104-degree fever. And her family could not break it.

Opinion of a Biologist and The Symptoms

The biologist at the Health Department of Marion Country, Jim Erwin, says that when it comes to ticks, there is an increase in phone calls this year than the last 2 years.

The symptoms are fever and rash. And this Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is very dangerous according to Erwin.

Because of the warmer winter, this year can be dangerous for ticks across the Midwest and in Indiana. The tick population might carry Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme disease.

Parents should be cautious when they take their children outdoors. To protect yourself and the others around you, you can use a repellent that has DEET.

Remember to spray where the ticks are and that is the pant leg down low. According to Erwin, the ticks are in the grasses and also the higher grasses that are knee-high.

Make sure the spray to have from 20 to 30 % of DEET.  You can also treat your yard, in order to make a barrier between high-grass areas and your home.

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