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Top 5 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Workout

Sometimes the hardest part of exercising is getting off the couch and taking that first step! If motivation is something you find tricky, try these five simple ways to get your head in the game. You’ll soon be looking forward to your daily dose of post-exercise endorphins and raring to go.

Get up earlier

Hit the gym before work and you’ll start your day knowing you’ve already achieved something. It’s actually easiest to complete tasks early in the morning, as you tend to feel at your most optimistic then, waking up every day with a fresh supply of willpower (a limited resource). Researchers have also found that exercising in the morning burns more calories, as you’re more likely to work harder.

Join a class

It’s easier to commit to working out if you’ve signed up to a class. Join one class a week, whether it’s an activity you’re already passionate about, or something new like our Primal Series classes. These half hour-long group fitness classes use natural movements in intense bursts to build strength and enhance muscle tone quicker.

Set targets

Give yourself a goal to work towards, then track it. If you’re aiming for weight loss, download a monitoring app like MyFitnessPal to help you stick to your plans. If you’re trying to improve fitness levels, sign up for a charity race; exercising for a good cause is a powerful extra incentive.

Reward yourself

While weight loss and improved fitness are long-term rewards, sometimes you need something more tangible to get you through a really gruelling workout routine. Beware of rewarding yourself with junk food, as this will reinforce bad habits that’ll undo all your hard work. Instead, invest in a smoothie maker or juicer; it’ll make improving your nutrition a breeze, giving you the chance to whip up healthy drinks with your favourite flavours.

Recruit a friend

Ask one of your friends to come to the gym with you. Having a friend there makes you feel more accountable, and will give positive encouragement to you both. Choose someone with a similar fitness level so neither of you are held back or pushed too hard, and you’re working towards a shared goal.

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