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WARNING: Eating Shark Products May Cause Alzheimer’s Disease

Shark meat is popular exotic delicacy served in most Asian restaurants. It is considered a rare type of meat which provides many healing benefits. However, this meat is definitely not that healthy as people believe. If you love it, you should be more careful next time.

According to a study conducted by the University of Miami, shark meat is loaded with neurotoxins. So, people who consume shark products may be at risk of developing some neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

Many people became aware of this fact as a result of the popular Ice Bucket challenge.

The Toxins journal states that the shark species that reside in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans contain two highly dangerous toxins.

Researchers Recommend: Stop eating Shark Products!

Shark products contain mercury and cyanobacterial neurotoxin BMAA which can significantly affect your mental health. If you avoid consuming shark products, you will not only protect your health but also you will improve the conservation of species. Some of the analyzed shark species are at risk of extinction due to overfishing.

This type of meat is widely consumed in Asia and in other Asian communities throughout the world. Shark fin soup is a particular delicacy, served at Asian weddings. Also, shark cartilages are important supplements used in the traditional Chinese medicine. Researchers warn people to stop consuming shark’s meat, cartilages and fins due to their toxic content.

A persistent consumption of shark products can lead to different health conditions because the neurotoxin methylmercury can be accumulated in the sharks’ bodies throughout their life.

These toxins can affect people’s health in various ways:

  • As the mercury passes the stomach and intestines, it can penetrate through the whole body.
  • This toxin is highly poisonous for the nervous system.
  • It is especially dangerous for pregnant women because it can seriously harm the health of the unborn child.
  • Even small doses can negatively affect the heart and the circulatory system.
  • Some studies have found that methylmercury can lead to cancer.

According to one study conducted by Paul Cox, in Guam, people who consumed fruit bats suffered from dementia and ALS. This type of bats contains the same amount of BMAA as the sharks in Florida.

So, it is highly recommended that people stop consuming shark products in order to prevent many neurodegenerative diseases.