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What Is the Right Position to Sleep for Each of These Health Problems?

Undoubtedly, one of the most crucial things when it comes to our overall health is sleeping. On average, a human being sleeps 25 years in their lifetime and that is approximately 7-9 hours a night. Nevertheless, apart from having a good night’s sleep, it is essential to sleep in the right position, too. This is all so you could improve your overall health. Therefore, if you have troubles sleeping and some health problems, we will reveal the right position for sleeping when it comes to different health issues that you might have been experiencing.

The Right Positions for Sleeping for Each of the Following Problems

Did you know that your sleeping position actually affects different aspects of your body, such as blood pressure, sinus infection and many more? Thus, if you want some conditions healed, take note on how you sleep, not just how much you sleep.

The following are the right positions for sleeping, which will alleviate some body ailments.

1. Heartburn

One disturbing condition is definitely heartburn. The best way to treat it is by sleeping on your left side.

2. Digestion Trouble

For better digestion, it is recommended to sleep on the left side due to the fact that our stomach is on the left side. Therefore, when you sleep on this side, gravity can act and improve the digestive process.

3. Neck Pain

What will make a tremendous difference when it comes to neck pain is additional neck support. This is why you have to take a small rolled-up towel and just place it under your neck or under the pillowcase so you can fix it.

4. PMS Pain

If you are one of those women who have painful PMS symptoms and you have been looking for a solution, your sleeping position might help change this. Just place a pillow under your knees so you can stop the aching of your spine.

5. High Blood Pressure

Before you try this or anything else at home note that you have to consult your doctor about the condition of your blood pressure.

The Ehime University School of Medicine has been researching how sleeping positions can affect blood pressure. Their report has come to the conclusion that if you sleep down on your face you will lower your blood pressure significantly.

6. Sinus Trouble

The way you sleep can mean so much when it comes to a sinus infection. It can go either ways, beneficial or detrimental. The Harvard Medical School gives an advice to sleep with an elevated head so you can obstruct the mucus from pooling in your sinuses.

7. Headaches

The way you sleep can either relieve your headache or it can make it worse. Some of our headaches result from a twisted neck while you are sleeping. Therefore, try surrounding your head with pillows so you do not turn as much.

8. Back Pain

If you want to alleviate back pain you should choose the best position for sleeping and that is by lying on your back and placing a pillow under the knees and a rolled-up towel under the curve of your back.

9. Shoulder Pain

If you want to treat shoulder pain it would be best to sleep on the pain-free side and just bent your legs a little. Additionally, you can grasp a pillow to your chest and take one and put it between the knees. That is it.

These are some of the sleeping positions which can help tremendously when it comes to your overall health. Make sure you consult your doctor if you have questions or concerns.

The only thing left to do is to choose the right sleeping position for whichever problem you have been struggling with. Then, have a good night’s sleep and wake up like a different, refreshed and pain-free person in the morning.