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Why You Should Avoid Bottled Water Filled With Fluoride

One of the topics that has become popular the past few years is the bottled water. After there was found that the plastics had negative effect on our health, people start looking for a solution how to stay strong and healthy even with using bottled water. The fluoride in the bottles was found to have unfavorable effect on the organism and it is used on daily basis by many bottled water companies.

Water specialists say that it is potent toxin that goes deep into our organism and cause many health issues like learning disabilities and memory loss. Researchers at the China Medical University in Shenyang and the Harvard School of Public Heath, merged 27 studies that showed that the fluoride impairs with the person’s cognitive ability.

It is important for children that are in brain growth process and the capacity expansion. A study noted that those who consumed fluoridated water are exposed to thyroid gland issues and it could lead to depression and obesity. About 70 percent of the public water supplies in America have fluoride in them. The fluoride can affect the health of the teeth especially in children. It can also be bad for the bone structure, thyroid gland performance and for the brain. In order to prevent this you should know the bottled water types you buy and here are some of the them that are potentially intoxicated:

-Diamond springs, Deer Park, Crystal springs, Crystal Rock, Belmont Springs, Arrowhead, Zephyrhills, Sierra Springs, Poland Sping, Ozarka, Mount Olympus, Ice Mountain

But there are safe companies for bottled water that avoid fluoride and some of them are:

-Dannon, Crystal Spring natural spring water, Clear Mountain Spring Water, Century Springs, Cascade, Blue Ice Natural Mineral Water, Black Berry Farms, Aqua Pure, Aquafina Water, Arbor Springs, Whole Foods 365, Smart Water, Polaris Water, Oasis Pure Drinking Water, Mountain Valley Spring Water, Hidden Valley Natural Mineral Water, Glacier Bay, Fresh Market, Flowing Springs, Evian, Eureka and Deja Blue.

The bottle water isn’t just a health threat. It is also environmental peril, causing irreparable damage to the environment. Plastic water bottles bring other threats like obesity, diabetes, breast cancer, prostate cancer, fertility issues, early puberty in girls, immunity weakness and behavior issues.

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