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Winter Milk Diet – Fast Results

Winter diet must contain a lot of vitamins and minerals to compensate for the lack in the body during the cold season. Dairy products combined with fruits, vegetables and fish are ideal for this purpose. Here are two options for winter milk diet You can it change every day or every week . Winter milk diet needs to be applied for at least two weeks .

First variant:

Breakfast :

One cup of coffee or tea, omelet with cheese , 1 slice baked cornbread

Snack : 1 cup yogurt

Lunch: 1 bowl of chicken soup, 1 salad of pickled cabbage , 100 grams of carrots

snack : 1 apple

Dinner : 150 grams of baked fish , one baked potato

Before bed : 1 cup fresh or sour milk

The second variant

Breakfast : 1 cup of coffee or tea , 1 boiled egg , 1 baked cornbread smeared with cheese

snack : 1 apple

Lunch: 1 bowl of creamy mushroom soup , 150 grams chicken with sauerkraut

snack : 1 slice cheese

Dinner : 200 grams of vegetables

Before bed : 1 cup fresh or sour milk


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