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You Are 0 Blood Type? Be Careful and Save Your Life Knowing This Info

Those with blood type 0 can give blood to people with all types of blood, since their red blood cells don’t contain factors that can destroy the blood of somebody else. However, they can only receive blood from blood type 0.

This is not the only thing that makes these people different. They possess certain powerful characteristics that makes them unique. Some of their best qualities are high energy, ability to lead, staying focused, pro-activity, and being very productive and powerful.

However, people with blood type 0 are more prone to some health conditions and diseases like thyroid dysfunction, ulcers, iodine deficiency, and low levels of thyroid hormones. These conditions can lead to unwanted effects like water retention, or weight gain.

Japanese believe people with this blood type have specific personality. They even ask potential employees about the type of their blood during a job interview. Blood type 0 individuals are considered to be dedicated, responsible, focused, organized, practical, and thorough people.

The ancestors of these people are believed to have been hunters who estimated the chances of survival most accurately. That’s why people with blood type 0 are seen as better logicians than others.

Impulsive and Hyperactive

In stressful situations, these people can become angry, impulsive and hyperactive. Lack of exercise, poor diet, tendency to stress, and unhealthy habits makes them more prone to metabolic disorders, like slowing down the thyroid activity, and insulin resistance.

People with this type of blood usually have sensitive stomach since their levels of stomach acid is higher than in other blood types. It’s recommended they avoid alcohol and coffee, since the caffeine increases their adrenaline that’s usually high, as well as regular exercise three to four times weekly.

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