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You Can Easily Kill The Fat Cells By Simply Freezing Them

No person wants fat cells on her/his body. The fat bulges make our clothes look bad and fit tight, and make our thighs jiggle, and often most attempts do not successfully eliminate that dreadful fat. Besides making our bodies look bad, fat can also cause serious diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. Therefore, many experts try to find a way to eliminate the dangerous fat deposits.

In order to lose weight, people must learn that there are two types of fat: white fat and brown fat. The thin layer of white fat is located on the thighs, belly and backs of arms. This fat balances the body’s temperature, acting as a thermal insulator.

Cold exposure kills fat cells

Exposure to cold turns on the brown fat. This destroys fat cells. Experts recommend turning off the heating in winter for several hours every day in order to burn fat.

Scientists took biopsies of fat deposits, and found out that there was more browning of fat during winter than in summer. So, exposure to cold transforms white fat into beige fat. Therefore, people should turn the thermostats to 17-15 Celsius degrees (62-59F) for several hours in winter instead of keeping them on 21 Celsius degrees (69F). Most people spend a lot of time in heated spaces during the winter, so the body is not able to burn fats naturally.

In one study, several men slept for an entire month in metabolic chambers where the temperature was 66F. According to the results, the men’s bodies burned more fat, doubled the amount of brown fat deposits and their insulin sensitivity increased.

This process of increasing brown fat, increasing insulin sensitivity and burning calories is called cold thermogenesis.

• Sit in a room at a temperature of 50-60F wearing shorts only to burn calories.
• An intense doing of this practice is wearing compression shorts filled with ice packs and an ice west. The shivering of the body allows many calories to be burned.

Use ice to burn fat

Besides a healthy nutrition and regular exercises, using ice will make the burning of fat quicker by 300%. This practice is confirmed by scientists who saw this effect of cold exposure in astronauts. They confirm that brown fat can burn 400-500 calories every day.

Science claims that popsicles kill fat cells. This is why children often have dimples

The appearance of dimples on the cheeks is because of popsicles. This is known as the Popsicle Panniculitis.

A 9-month-old boy had reddish discoloration on the cheeks. The boy was born healthy, had not been around sick people, had no dangerous family or medical health history, had no illnesses, bites from bugs or trauma, his development, growth and immune system were normal as well as his mouth cavity. Despite this, the boy had non-tender lesions on the cheeks.

The doctors’ research revealed that the boy had eaten a Popsicle two days before the problem occurred. The popsicle that was used for teething caused Popsicle Panniculitis which is a common occurrence among children on the areas which have subcutaneous fat such as the chin and the cheeks. After a contact with ice or a popsicle the reddish discoloration or purple hardened swelling appears. This occurs after 24-48 hours. In adults, the subcutaneous fat contains unsaturated fats, so Popsicle Panniculitis appears in children almost always.

One dermatologist also got a dimple after an injury on her left cheek was treated with ice for a few hours. When she studied dermatology, this doctor realized that the dimple was a result from the ice and not from the injury as most people thought.

Freezing fat to reduce it on the problematic areas

Researchers strongly believe that applying ice on the desired area for 30 minutes or an hour will increase the browning process if you eat healthy and workout regularly.

The ice will cool down the skin and kill the underlying fat cells. So, the thickness of the fat will be reduced. The treatment CoolSculpting is expensive, but effective. This machine reduces the thickness of the fat with a session that last for one hour. The frozen fat cells are afterwards metabolized by the body naturally.

After one treatment, half an inch of the waist can be lost and further larger results will be seen after 1.5-3 months of treatment.

This machine sucks the fat and cools it down. This causes inflammation of the cells and then their death. The inflammation appears 3 days after the treatment, it reaches the peak at the 30th day and the fat cells continue to die for the next months. The side effects are only small temporary bruising and redness. Exercises and healthy diet are needed because other fat cells can still expand and make the treatment ineffective.

Frostbites appear at much more colder temperatures, so there are no risks for this problem. The CoolSculpting treatment does not kill the fat cells instantly but gradually and naturally. Therefore, this treatment requires several months. You can also do an ice exposure to kill fat cells at home without spending any money.

Home ice pack therapy

You can use ice packs to replicate the work of the CoolSculpting treatment. According to studies, the fat deposits were lower in the areas where ice packs were applied. Therefore, you can apply ice packs on the flanks, stomach or thighs for half an hour or one hour 3-4 times a week.

This kind of simple treatment will help you to improve the appearance and the shape of the desired areas on your body.

Side effects of improper home ice therapy

Incorrect usage of ice packs can cause mild first degree skin burns and even severe second or third degree skin burns. These burns usually happen when ice is applied directly on the skin, without a barrier, and especially if the skin area has some kind of injury.

You should use tee shirt, thin folded hand towel or several layers of paper towels as a barrier between the skin and the ice pack for several minutes. You can remove the barrier when the skin adjusts to the cold temperature.
Using thick materials will decrease the benefits of this treatment.

The factors that increase the chances of skin burns are:

• Taking pills that reduce the blood flow to the skin like beta-blockers.
• Having peripheral vascular disease since this disease reduces the blood flow.
• Suffering from peripheral neuropathy – decreased ability to feel an injury.
• Diabetes.
• Smoking.

Signs of skin burns:

• Pins and needles sensation and then numbness and tingling.
• Pain and redness.
• White, waxy or firm skin that is numb.
• Blisters.

Treating skin burns

If you notice the sign of skin burns, you may have caused a skin burn with the ice packs. The skin may also have yellowish-gray color and you must re-warm the skin to prevent the burn to become severe.

• Gradually warm the burn to avoid further skin damage.
• Soak the skin for 20 minutes in warm water. The temperature should be at 104-108 degrees Fahrenheit.
• Warm compresses or blanket wraps can also be used.
• More damage may be caused by massaging the burned skin.
• Avoid direct dry heat from a radiator or a hair dryer to prevent further damage of the numb skin.

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