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10 Cleaning Tricks That Every Woman Needs To Know!

It is often told that a clean house pass on the happiness and joy to the family. Logically it is true as a clean house promotes less disease and thus keeps the family member healthy as well as joyful.

But cleaning your house is not an easy task. Not any more, here are some useful tips for you which will help you to clean your house quickly.

1. Washing Machine

The washing machine is the regularly used device in our home to keep the clothes clean. But are you aware that there can be an accumulation of dirt and bacteria in the inner surface of a washing machine which can get a pass onto your clothes.

Things you need:

  • Vinegar – 2 cups
  • Bleach – 2 cups


  1. In order to clean the washing machines just pour vinegar of 2 cups quantity in the machine and make it work for at least 1 hour.
  2. Later open the machine and clean the dirt with white vinegar placed on the sponge.
  3. Repeat the cycle once again. Then put bleach of 2 cups of quantity and leave it for 1 hour.
  4. Now, clean the lids, knobs, crannies and nooks of the machine using cotton swabs.
  5. Repeat the complete washing cycle of the machine and drain out the dirty water.
  6. Here you go! Your washing machine is gleaming and perfectly clean.

2. Bathroom

The process of cleaning your bathroom is very easy. Here are the steps you should follow to clean your bathroom

Things you need:

  • Coconut oil – 1 cup
  • Baking soda – 1 cup


  1. Add hot water to your bathtub.
  2. Then you just need to use two amazing ingredients coconut oil and baking soda in equal quantity (1 cup each).
  3. Mix it well and leave the mixture on the dirty area for 1 hour in the bathtub.
  4. The bathroom will be cleaned instantly.

3. Toilet Rings

The toilet rings get dirty very quickly and it might feel difficult for you to keep it clean. Here is a quick trick which will amaze you when you will get a clean toilet rings overnight.

Things you need:

  • clean magic eraser – a small piece


  1. To keep the toilet rings clean, you have to keep Mr. clean magic eraser (a small piece) overnight on the toilet rings.
  2. The toilet rings will be noticeable clean in the morning without any efforts.

4. Water Stains on Taps

Water stains on the tap of the kitchen and the bathroom are very common and difficult to get rid off. But don’t worry, now it’s just one step process for you.

Things you need:

  • Wax paper – 1


  1. Take a wax paper and rub it gently on the tap surface.
  2. Now, leave it as it is without any contact with water for 1 hour.
  3. You will be surprised to see that the wax has provided protection to the tap surface from water as well as from the fingerprints.

5. Baseboards

In order to clean the baseboards which are dirty, you can go for sheets which consist of fabric softener.

6. Carpet and Mattress Stains

The stains on the mattress or carpet can spoil it complete. But you have got a quick solution on it.

Things you need:

  • Dish soap – 2 tbsp (liquid)
  • Hydrogen peroxide – 2 tbsp


  1. Just mix equal quantity of dish soap and hydrogen peroxide to make a solution.
  2. Rub the solution on the stains and allow it to remain 10-15 minutes.
  3. The stain will be gone instantly!

7. Fragrant Home

Isn’t it nice that you welcome your guest with a nice fragrant home.  It creates a joyful environment in your house and thus it is important that your house smells good. Use this trick for the fragrant rooms

Things you need:

  • Vanilla Extract – 2 bottle cups
  • Coffee – 1 cup


  1. Take vanilla extract of around 2 bottle cups and add 1 cup of coffee to it.
  2. Heat the mixture in the oven for 1 hour at 300 degrees F temperature.
  3. Sprinkle the mixture in rooms and your home will get a pleasant smell.

8. Clean Sponge

Do you know that the sponge which you used to clean the dishes can be full of bacteria? Yes, it is, the frequent use of a sponge and the frequent water contact invites many bacteria to grow on it. To prevent the spread of the bacteria here is how you can clean your sponge.

Things you need:

  • Sponge – 1
  • Microwave – 1


  1. Take your regular cleaning sponge and make it dry by squeezing the excessive water.
  2. Keep it in the microwave for 2 minutes.
  3. Here you will get a bacteria free sponge to clean your dishes.

9. Clean Light Bulbs

The light bulbs are placed at a pretty high height and thus always remain uncleaned. The quick tips to clean light bulb is to wipe it with a microfiber cloth. The light bulb will definitely provide more bright light to you.

10. Get Rid of Sticky Mess

Have you ever stop wearing your favourite dress only because it has got a sticky stain on it? Well if yes, then this a time to get rid of the sticky mess and give a brand new look to your clothes.

Things you need:

  • Baking soda – 1 tbsp
  • Coconut oil – 1 tbsp


  1. Take equal amount of baking soda and coconut oil in a small bowl.
  2. Mix it well and apply it on the sticky strain. Leave it for 5 minutes.
  3. Wash your cloth with regular detergent. The strain will vanish in no time.

These are some of the must-know tips for women to keep the home clean. The tips are also useful for men to hide the dirt they spread in the home.

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