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10 Dream Symbols You Should Never Ignore

People have always been fascinated by dreams and the meaning behind them. Carl Jung, the author of Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious, was a 19th century psychotherapist who started realizing that the meaning of dreams is a door into the spirit world and consciousness.

But, the science on the other hand explains what exactly happens while we sleep. Japanese team of scientists at the ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratory analyzed brain scans while seeing the visual imagery of dreams. According to them, people watch their dreams in the same way as they watch their waking world (watch the video below).

There are so many unanswered questions when it comes to dreams. Are they a replay of the visual stimuli of what a person has perceived during the waking hours, or guiding messages from beyond? What is the meaning of these symbols and how to interpret them to receive the message?

We list 10 important dream symbols and their meaning. You will see why you should never ignore them!

1. Flying

A dream where you fly means the need to accomplish your ambition. Where do you go? How do you plan to get there? Do you have problems navigating through life? Dreams where you fly often leave us recharged in the morning. We feel free and able to accomplish all of our goals.

2. Waterfalls

Dreams of water indicate the emotional state of our mind. Water represents purity and cleansing, so dreaming a waterfall is a great sign. It symbolizes new beginnings, as the past is washed out.  The next time you dream a waterfall, ask yourself if it was a small or large one. How do you perceive your problems? Do you see waterfall on a beautiful beach or in a dark jungle?

3. Teeth

Dreaming teeth is very common, but they don’t indicate aging all the time. Rotten teeth mean holding of anxiety and fear, while pulling of teeth means there’s something that needs to come out. Falling teeth indicate fear of loss, a new job, hidden lies, or lack of power in the relationship. If you dream teeth, ask yourself how do you feel about them? Nourishing our teeth means nourishing our body. How do you nourish your life?

4. Death

Dreams with death sound morbid, but they usually indicate the end of something. It can mean an end of fear, anxiety, ego, some situation, or an idea that leads to a birth of another one. These dreams can be a psychological aspect of experiencing big changes in emotions. If you dream death or dying, ask yourself who was dying in your dream. Was it you, or a loved one? A dream of death can also be a comforting message from a departed close person.

5. Pregnant

These dreams indicate development and a major growth. They can refer to future projects and desires.  If you dream you’re pregnant, ask yourself what is it that you try to create. Are you faced with some transformation in your real life? Does pregnancy mean a lot of possibilities? These dreams can lead to fruitful ideas for a relationship or job.

6. Houses

Houses in dreams represent the self and the different personality aspects. The interpretation can be deeper depending on the rooms and the type of house. They symbolize comfort and security. A basement symbolizes the unconscious mind and intuition, while an attic can mean hidden memories. If you have house dreams, ask yourself about the way you take care of your body. How do you see yourself out in the real life?

7. Money

These dreams indicate our luck, and how we see our self-worth. Giving money in dreams means fear of loss, while winning a lotter means a lifestyle change. Dreams with money are related to the core of our emotions when towards the prosperity and abundance. Common stress factors in our lives are financial stability or losses. The next time you dream money, ask yourself if you are in some debt, or you have lost your job. What would you do if you win a lot of money? Money indicates the flow of your life.

8. Adultery

Repressed sexual desires and urges are often represented by dreams of adultery. But these dreams also symbolize fear of abandonment, unconscious realization of a problematic relationship, and self-worth problems. The question you need to ask yourself when dreaming adultery are: Do you fear of losing the loved one? Are you unhappy with your partner? What do you think of your body and your desires?

9. Fire

The meaning of these dreams depend on their context. If you play with fire, it can mean warning of some dangerous activity. If you see fire in a distance it represents transformation and desire. Starting a fire indicates a repressed anger. If you dream fire, ask yourself if you avoid dangerous and risky situations, or you spend your time on problems that require quick action, instead of calm plans.

10. Naked

Dreams of being naked are very common. They connect to our fear of being exposed. If the dream is These dreams are quite common and they are linked to our fear of being exposed. Dreaming a naked person foretells an illicit affair, revealing the truth behind some situation, or loss of respect. Dreams with nakedness symbolize acceptance of imperfections and flaws.

If the naked person in the dream is you, ask yourself if you are afraid of showing who you really are, or you are maybe overexposing yourself.

There are thousands interpretations of dreams, and the only one who can understand their true meaning is the dreamer himself/herself. Our body, mind, and spirit are intertwined during our sleep, as well as the way we perceive ourselves over and over again. Our mind will desperately try to dictate how our feelings are being played through short visions. Joy or anxiety can change the way we sleep. Once again, only the dreamer can interpret the hidden meaning behind his/her dreams.

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