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12 Types of Pain That Are Directly Linked to Emotional States

To what extent emotions affect chronic pain? Dr. Susan Babel, a reputed psychologist focused on depression caused by trauma claims that emotions have a strong impact on chronic pain.

According to Dr. Babel numerous studies have confirmed that chronic pain is not always related to physical injuries. There are many cases in which this pain is caused by emotions problems and stress too. In addition, physical pain is here to alert individuals that they must work on their emotional side.

Types of Pain Linked to Emotional States

Now let’s take a close look at what our chronic pain is trying to tell us about our current emotional states.

1. Neck

Even though many people relate neck pain to the strenuous activity of watching out for the children, this is not true. Pain that occurs in the neck area indicates lack of forgiveness. You might hesitate to forgive someone about their actions or you simply can’t forgive yourself. It is best to think about the wrongdoing of other’s and the things you might have done wrong and forgive everyone including yourself. This will provide a sense of relief.

2. Head

Frequent headaches or migraines are usually associated with stress that all modern people feel on a daily basis. In case you notice chronic headaches you must take some me-time. We are not talking about taking some me-time once in a month – you must do this every day. Practicing some relaxing technique can help you ease headaches.

3. Shoulders

Pain that occurs in the shoulders is a clear indicator that you have some emotional burden. Take some time to figure out how to eliminate this emotional issue. You can also share this burden with people close to you.

4. Upper Back

If you feel that you don’t have sufficient emotional support, it is very likely that you will feel pain in the upper back. Those who feel that people around them don’t appreciate them enough or those who don’t express their emotions can feel such pain. In case you ar in a serious relationship, don’t hesitate to talk about your emotional problems with your partner. Those who are single should make more serious efforts to find a partner.

5. Lower Back

In many cases pain that occurs in the lower back is closely relate to financial issues. Instead of complaining all the time, make a plan and manage your money better. You can even consult a professional financial planner. Asking for a raise might solve the problem too.

6. Elbows

Elbow and arm pain may be related to lack of flexibility. The truth is that we are all changing and everything is changing, but some people have difficulties accepting this fact. Go with the flow as the saying goes. Changes are good and you should know that.

7. Hands

Pain that occurs in your hand may be a signal that you are not socializing enough. Reestablish connections with your friends and try to find and make new friends. Be active and attend social events.

8. Hips

If you are forced to make an important decision or you are about to relocate from one place to another, you might experience pain in the hips. There is nothing to be worried about because people make decisions every day. Just make sure that you have analyzed everything and make the first step. Once you make a good plan, follow it to the end.

9. Knees

Pain in the knees often occurs in people who overvalue themselves. It is good to become a volunteer and never forget that we are mortals. There is no perfect person.

10. Calves

Calf pain might be a direct result of jealousy, excessive stress and pressure. Eliminate the causes of your stress and keep in mind that jealousy is not useful in any situation.

11. Ankles

If you restrain yourself from any pleasures in your life, you will soon experience ankle pain. There is nothing wrong with having fun and going wild once in a while.

12. Feet

Foot pain has been linked to depression. While it is true that depression is a difficult condition, it is also true that there are certain things that each of us can do to beat depression. Adopt a pet, follow a hobby, be physically active – make some change in your life.